NY Jets: Rex had his cake and ate it too


Rex Ryan had his cake and ate it too thanks to the NY Jets not being able to capitalize on plenty opportunities to defeat the Buffalo Bills.

We all have heard the saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Buffalo Bills’ head coach Rex Ryan returned to the Meadowlands, proving that sometimes you can in fact have both.  With the typical Rex antics, he proved once again that nothing was below the belt.  After years of struggling with his weight, you would think he would be the last to attack one’s physical appearance.

Instead, he sent a soft jab out about quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s robust beard.  Luckily, Fitzy appeared not to give a care, taking stock in his several kids and not to mention, his amazing beard and charming personality.  Sorry Rex, the ladies love the FitzMagic! To make matters even worse, Rex made the decision to make IK Enemkpali captain of the game, which was the ultimate tone setter for how he was returning to settle the score.

As Rex walked onto the field, at game time, after hiding out during all of warm-ups to create a dramatic entrance, the fans who once cheered for this man boo’d.  Do you think he may of gotten a warmer welcome if he wasn’t such an instigator?  What did you expect after that classless IK captain move?  Luckily, the crowd was able to get pumped to welcome their own Jets onto the field and enjoy Eric Decker’s wife, Jesse James Decker, singing the national anthem despite the rain.

In the first quarter, Rex was quick to throw 2 challenge flags without hesitation. It’s crazy, challenging petty calls like ball placements just to prove he’s not taking anything against him well.  But hey, if you want to waste a timeout on the ball position, be my guest!  The Bills made plenty of mistakes, which it should have helped the Jets to maintain a lead.

However,  converting 1st downs and completing passes seemed to vex us.  Was it because of the rain?  Pressure of denying Rex’s return to be a positive one? Or were the shoes from the new Kelly green uniforms not worn in yet?  We were fortunate with the Bills’ missed PAT attempt, however, how could we fumble the return kick?  Devin Smith should of taken a knee at the 5 yard line but made a poor decision to run to the 14 yard line play without securing a ball for a golden opportunity for Buffalo to score.  The 2nd quarter ended in Buffalo 12 Jets 3, leaving a lot of fans unhappy as the teams ran into the locker room.

Nov 12, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan just before opening kickoff against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

During the halftime, many fans felt like they had seen enough. Wet and angry, the pain and heartache of being a Jet fan was rehashed as “typical Jets” stories were being told.  The anger grew into the need to fight, and before you knew it the loyal fans were ready to go back to their seats and let Rex know, not in our house!

Though I was not in the locker room, I’d like to think Bowles was telling the guys, especially Decker and Brandon Marshall, to get their head in the game, stop dropping easy passes. What are you surprised the ball is being thrown to you?  Maybe someone reminded Decker that his wife had sang before the game started and to speed it up.  Well, at least that is what us fans were thinking.

Unfortunately, in the 3rd quarter, fans got upset they did not leave during half time when Jets fumbled the ball once again.  However, after another impressive sack from Muhammad Wilkerson, the spirit of the Monday Night Miracle was upon the stadium. The reminder to Decker motivated him (okay no one reminded him) to complete a 31-yard touchdown pass, giving him the play of the game.

The 4th quarter, turned the Miracles into nightmares. It felt like one big joke! Do we blame Chan Gailey for not throwing to the sticks? Or was it Marshall playing injured and not being able to make the receptions he can usually do in his sleep?  It is not often you see Fitz throw a bomb where he overthrows to Marshall.

Could it have been better if Antonio Cromartie was not injured (sat out his first game due to an injury)?  How does a team who got sacked 4 times win the game?  It is easy really, when the Jets recovered a fumble on the 13-yard line and are unable to score! There is just no excuse for lousy game play. That’s what did the Jets in the end when they easily had this game in the bag if they executed.

This nightmare ended with Buffalo intercepting the ball and disgust was throughout the stadium. Jimmy Fallon may of even puked, his new NFL line of hands up barely made a debut since well, the Jet fans had no reason to have their hands up.

As Buffalo took the knee to officially end the game, Rex obnoxiously looked like my toddler son who needed a nap, jumping up and down, comments unfiltered and uncalled for and laughing the victory away. After calming down, Rex compared it to being dumped by an ex-girlfriend and being called over and over again to come back.  Who is calling who?

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I have to say when a girl breaks up with a guy for crazy antics, we don’t come crawling back (especially when you just proved your still same guy with the same traits).  Matter of fact, we like to compare where we were when we were in the relationship to where we are now.

Let’s just say I am happy with the upgrade, thank you Todd Bowles!  Be careful Rex, next time it will be in Buffalo and as usual, you may have bitten off more than you can chew.