NY Jets: A look at the career of Victor Green and foundation


A look at the career of Victor Green on the NY Jets and what his incredible foundation is doing for underprivileged kids.

For those that may not know, Green was a strong safety for the Jets. The Jets acquired Green as an undrafted free agent following the 1993 NFL Draft. Green saw action in his first season and by 1994 he was the starting free safety for the Jets.  Green developed into one of the best strong safeties the Jets have ever had. Standing at 5-11 and weighing in at 210 pounds, Green displayed he was a hard hitter in the Jets’ defensive secondary from 1993 until after the 2001 season.

By 1996, likely his best year, Green had made a huge impression on Jet fans of the era, as well as with opposing receivers that thought they could come across the middle uncontested. In 1996, he managed some impressive stats, posting 163 tackles, 121 solo and 42 assists. If those stats were not good enough, he added 2 sacks, 2 interceptions, 10 pass defenses, 2 force fumbles and 3 fumble recoveries. Not a bad year to say the least!

Green had a brilliant career for the New York Jets and finished off his career with a year in New England playing for the Patriots (2002) and the following year (2003) with the New Orleans Saints. Green re-signed with the Jets in 2006, so that he could come home and retire with the team that gave him his shot to play in the NFL.

Green was honored by the Jets by being selected to the Jets’ Four Decades Team. To this day, Green stands third all-time in interceptions for the Jets, fifth in tackles and he’s included on the Jets’ “Iron Man List” for his mark of 180 consecutive games played. There is no doubt that Green left his mark on the organization.

Most of my readers will be familiar with my series of Jet “Throw Back” articles and are probably thinking this article falls into that category. Green’s playing career, while impressive by any measure, has no bearing why I am writing this article. Before I get further into this article, I’d like to thank my editor for allowing me to write it, the support is deeply appreciated.

I want to talk to you about what has become Green’s passion since his playing days are over. In 1995, Green, in partnership with Professional Partners For Youth Development, launched the Victor Green Foundation. Since then, Green has become an advocate for the kids in his hometown of Americus Georgia and now he is expanding his efforts to youth in Atlanta, Georgia. By offering tutoring, mentoring and educational services to kids in need, the foundation challenges kids to challenge themselves.

I will be the first to admit my ignorance when it comes to Green’s efforts, that is until recently. While on Twitter, I ran across a giveaway being run by him that peaked my interest and I began to read. If you follow me on social media, then you already know I jumped on board and have been promoting it, sometimes shamelessly, ever since. I’ve always believed in the old saying “kids are our future” and the more I read of the foundation’s programs, I knew Green did too.

Much to this writer’s amazement, I received a follow on Twitter from him and a message expressing his gratitude for my small efforts on his behalf.  I’m continuing my efforts here today. Green is giving away four Jet tickets plus four sideline passes to watch the game with him! A donation is required to enter, and you can learn more about the giveaway at victorgreenfoundation.org, on Twitter @VictorGreen21, or through his Facebook page.

This isn’t about the tickets though folks, not for Green anyway, for him it is all about our kids, which I was about to find out. I contacted Green and asked for his permission to write an article about his efforts on the behalf of kids. I asked if he would be willing to offer up a quote or two concerning his foundation and the kids he is helping.

To my surprise, he asked for my phone number and called me after traveling home from the Jets game last Sunday. When I said this foundation was his passion earlier, it became an understatement after talking to him!

After getting over my “star struck” stage, I could hardly get in a word edgewise. Green went on a roll about “his kids”, his foundation and the accomplishments his teams had ascertained to this point. It was quickly apparent to me that Green’s heart and soul is wrapped up in this effort. He speaks with passion on the subject of kids, he told me that “It’s not good enough to just collect money to help our kids.”

Green’s foundation isn’t about feeding and sheltering struggling inner city kids, though he personally supports such efforts. Green believes we must do much more, the foundation’s programs seek to mentor kids, help them set goals and help them achieve them. In Green’s words, he said “I want to expand their horizons.”

Oct 25, 2014; London, UNITED KINGDOM; A child wears a New York Jets helmet at the NFL Fan Rally at Trafalgar Square in advance of the International Series game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In return for their hard work and achievements, the foundation offers recreational times with some nice perks from pro athletes that Green has partnered with. Hard work deserves rewards and the foundation has been fortunate enough to be able to take kids to NFL games, MLB games and other fun activities. Thanks to the generosity of several NFL players, this year the foundation can offer another venue to the kids. Green said “He loves taking kids to games, I want them to see that anything is possible and nothing is out of reach if you work for it.”

It didn’t take long to realize that Green loves to talk about his foundation and that his passion was genuine. We talked for awhile, he thanked me for my support and I must admit he inspired me to do all I can to aid his efforts. It’s a small donation that will make an investment in our future. Kids are struggling all across America and they desperately need our help to reach their goals.

So, I’m going to shamelessly ask you to consider donating to the Victor Green Foundation. If you can’t afford to make a donation, and I know these are hard times, please help us spread the word. I’m not going to ask you to donate on my word, I encourage you to check out the foundation’s web page and find out for yourselves what it is all about. I’m sure you’ll be impressed as I was.

Let’s spread the word, the Jet fan base is huge and together we can make this go viral and have a huge impact on lives of unfortunate kids! Help me spread the word on social media, let your fellow Jet fans know of the giveaway as it’s a great way to help kids and you could win a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m sure there are plenty of Jet fans that would love to be on the sidelines with Green as the Jets take on the Tennessee Titans on December 13th! Here’s your chance to win and help kids at the same time!

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Thanks for putting up with me today. My readers know I try to call them as I see them, and as such, I couldn’t help but write this article. I know some of you turned here expecting a sports article, and I offer my apologies for the divergence. I have a love for children and to see them struggling, tugs on my heart strings. This article was far too important to me personally, not to write. Again, thank you for your readership and I’ll be back shortly with more Jet coverage.

My sincerest thanks goes out to anyone that can find it in their heart to donate or share it with a friend. I wish you good luck in the giveaway! And if you win….can I come along?