NY Jets: Fans truly need to relax


The NY Jets lost their fourth game of the season but fans truly need to relax as many believe this year is done thanks to Rex Ryan.

First off let me say, the Jets definitely dropped the ball when it came to facing the Buffalo Bills. They could have easily won this game but unfortunately fell short due to miscommunication, a failure to execute when they need to and turnovers.

In football, the team that usually makes the least amount of mistakes tends to win the game. The Bills simply played a better game against the Jets and capitalized on their mistakes. What is most alarming to me is that at the half, when the Jets were down 12-3 and still very much in the game, plenty of fans at MetLife Stadium started to leave the game.

Seriously? The return of Ryan and a sloppy first half by the Jets was enough to make fans head home so soon in an AFC East game? I’m sorry but let’s take things into perspective for a moment. Just because it was Ryan leading the Bills doesn’t make this loss any different.

Similar to a bad breakup, nobody really wants to see their ex do good. Fans in attendance were more than likely dealing with knots in their stomach thinking about what if Ryan and his Bills do the unthinkable and beat the Jets at MetLife Stadium. The truth of the matter is, he did, absolutely loved it and will move on from this.

This was an emotional win for Ryan as he was able to beat his old team and prove that it’s their loss because when he was with the Jets, he gave it his all. Fans truly need to relax because at the end of the day, there is still plenty of football to play and the Jets will be just fine as they progress through the season.

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Originally I predicted a 10-6 finish this season for the Jets as it will definitely be great to see how the Jets adjust and keep things moving in a better direction. Don’t give up on this team just because an ex came into our house and won a game that we beat ourselves in. If anything, stand up, rally and show your support because compared to last year, this season has been much better so far.

We have way more positives than negatives and remember, when a new leadership regime comes to a team, it takes at least a few years for everything to come together. Don’t ever forget that.