NY Jets: It might be Bryce Petty time


During HC Todd Bowles‘ weekly conference call, he revealed that the NY Jets may be leaning towards starting a certain rookie this upcoming Sunday

In a shocking development, the NY Jets coaching staff is seriously considering starting their rookie quarterback from Baylor, Bryce Petty on Sunday. This was revealed by head coach Todd Bowles during his weekly conference call with the New York media.

Bowles says he has confidence in Petty if he has to go, can go out there and function well. Rookie could start SUN.

Eric Allen (@eallenjets) November 2, 2015

Here are some of the direct quotes from the conference call earlier provided by the Media Relations Department:

On if he is going through the week with the thought that Petty will start on Sunday…

Right now, we’re going to get Bryce some reps and we’re going to look out and see what else is out there just in case. We need to get somebody in here to back up right now. With the two banged up right now, we have to get Bryce some reps.

On if they bring in a quarterback would that person back up Bryce or would the person be the starter…

Well, depending on who that person is, he could be ready to start if it’s that guy. If it’s not that guy, he’ll be backing up Bryce.

On his level of confidence in Petty if he were to be the starter on Sunday…

I have confidence in Bryce. Obviously, he doesn’t know what Ryan knows, doesn’t know what Geno knows but he knows a good portion of our offense that he can function and go in and play a game.


Ryan Fitzpatrick


Geno Smith

still being evaluated and their health in question, the Jets may not have any other options. They certainly didn’t have any other options on Sunday with only 2 quarterbacks active for the game and encountering the worst case nightmarish scenario where both guys were injured, leaving the coaching staff searching for answers.

May 8, 2015; Florham Park, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Bryce Petty (9) drops back to pass during rookie minicamp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This leaves the Jets and their fans in a precarious position, one they didn’t want to be in. The Jets new front office traded up in the draft to select ‘their’ guy. A guy the Jets could give the ‘Aaron Rodgers‘ treatment. Sit him on the bench for a couple seasons and allow him to develop. Unfortunately things don’t always go according to plan, obviously with the Fitzpatrick injury. Being a Jets fan myself there seems to be a tangible divide between those who want to see the rookie in there immediately and the other side that wants to give him a fair shot to sit and learn before being thrown to the wolves. I’m on the side of letting him develop, I’d much rather see him learn a pro-style offense at his own pace. I mean realistically he is coming from the typical spread college gimmicky offense. In this particular offense there are no 3 step, 5 step, or even 7 step drops that are the mundane of quarterbacks in the NFL today.

Bowles can draw on Arizona experience.last year with injured QBs. ‘We have to rally as a team and not put so much weight on that position.’ — Eric Allen (@eallenjets) November 2, 2015

Bowles is used to having a revolving door at the quarterback position, just look at the tape from last season with the Arizona Cardinals. Though I’m not screaming for joy about the potential of Petty starting on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, I am intrigued. You never know what could happen, he could have made the transition faster than normal. But there is also the potential that throwing him into the fire could hurt him beyond repair.

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Some fans would like the Jets to after a veteran whether on the free agent market (Matt Flynn) or perhaps through the potential trade market ahead of the trade deadline on Tuesday (Robert Griffin III). But I think Bowles explained it extremely well, there isn’t a lot of time for a potential guy to come in learn the offense and start on Sunday.

While on the other hand Petty has at least been here the entire time so you’d figure he has a better handle on the offense. Regardless of what the Jets end up doing, it’s going to be the leading storyline when the Jets look to turn their season around on Sunday back at MetLife Stadium against the Jaguars.