New York Jets: It’s time to make a statement


By now when it comes to the New York Jets, fans know what lies ahead in just a matter of hours. The Jets will head to the final game slated for Week 2 of the regular season against an Indianapolis Colts team that wants to return to their dominating ways and prove why they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. After all, they got to within a game of a Super Bowl appearance but whether it was due to deflated footballs or just a dominating New England Patriots team at the time, they never got to taste it.

For a few years now, the Jets have usually been a team filled with drama and not a lot of respect earned by the general football community. Whether it was their 4-12 efforts of last season, a bunch of questionable player personnel moves over the years or just the fact that the Jets haven’t had a franchise quarterback since Joe Namath was around, explains why things just have to be better this time around.

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The Jets spent a ton of money this off season to revamp their team, they even spent money just on researching for the best duo of general manager/head coach and have started this season off with a win.

There is still plenty of football to be played but this upcoming game against the Colts should stand for something much more than just a victory.

It’s time for the Jets to truly make a statement and not be playing like the mantra of the “same old Jets” and actually go out there proving they can keep up with any team coming their way. Everyone knows what Andrew Luck brings to the table but for once, it would be nice to see the Jets come out of the gates swinging that they can also be considered a contender this season.

Sep 3, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles during first half against the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

With a stout defense, a potentially potent offense and a new leadership regime that so far has said and done all the right things, this is the perfect game to illustrate that the Jets actually mean business for a change. Tonight’s game is on Monday Night Football in front of millions of football fans across the nation and I can’t think of a better way to show the Jets can be that kind of team by absolutely bringing it to the Colts in their home stadium.

All in all, this game is definitely a turning point of this season even though it’s only Week 2. A resounding win over the Colts can be an incredibly powerful weapon the Jets can use all year long to remind themselves that they can run with the big dogs. A big win tonight can bring an amazing amount of confidence all across the team that will definitely bring improved results in 2015.

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