New York Jets: Let the games begin at training camp


It seems like forever ago that fans of the New York Jets everywhere were enduring one of the worst season’s in recent memory. Last season was truly my toughest season in the past 20 years or so, not because of the final record, but because it caused such a rift in the overall fan base. You see, as much as I love my Jets, I love many of the fans I’ve met over the years even more!

This season has started out in spectacular fashion. The Jets spent a king’s ransom in free agency, and did extremely well in the draft to put the icing on the off season so to speak. Fans still have their differences of opinion on this year’s version of the Jets, but most if not all of the fans that I know will readily admit they are excited!

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Big names in free agency have a way of exciting a fan base, so does adding electrifying prospects in the draft. Yet, I sense its even more than that. From what I’m reading and hearing, fans are supercharged about the new management team as well. General manager Mike Maccagnan created some fans with his handling of the Jets’ affairs this off season.

Fans are apparently very happy to have Maccagnan in the mix since he’s been making some excellent decisions since his arrival. His “housecleaning” of the Jets’ front office and his upgrades to the long beleaguered scouting department have changed the face of this organizatio. All in all, it has made for some very happy fans.

Then there is the hiring of Todd Bowles as the new head coach of our football team. While Rex Ryan was beloved in NYC for a few years, many fans, including myself, were glad to put an end to the era. Fans are genuinely excited to see Bowles run this football team as he comes with an impressive resume.

Fans are excited about Bowles and what he will bring to the table for our beloved Jets. They claim his defensive schemes might even be better than the “last guy” and claim he will run a much more disciplined team as well. Bowles has a bunch of fans already and he hasn’t even broken for training camp yet!

Chan Gailey is being seen as an upgrade over the revolving door of Offensive Coordinators the Jets have seen come and go in the past 5 years. Many fans are excited to see Gailey, a true quarterback guru, take over and help  Geno Smith develop into a viable starting option. Many of the same fans are excited to see Gailey bring his “spread offense” to New York, especially with a vastly improved wide receivers corps to work with. Fans are excited to have him be part of the revamped Jets.

Along with Maccagnan, Bowles and Gailey came an entirely new coaching staff and that has excited many in the fan base as well. Ryan took a majority of his coaching staff with him to Buffalo, and nobody in the fan base seems to be shedding any tears over that fact. Fans are excited about the new coaching staff, they bring with them the hope that we’ll see development from some promising prospects the Jets have on their roster.

May 8, 2015; Florham Park, NY, USA; New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan (left) and head coach Todd Bowles watch rookie minicamp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like an eternity since the draft. This time of year is rather slow when it comes to news as we await the opening of training camp. Most years I dread this time of year, but this year, it has been good to see the fan base get behind this roster. On most days I can run through the many forums concerning the Jets without cringing at some of the comments, and that is a vast improvement over the last several years.

Sure, we’re Jet fans, we aren’t going to agree on everything, we’ll continue to critique and debate, even argue a bit. The thing I liked most about this off season is we’ve managed to do it in a much more civil manner.

It’s time! Bring on camp, break out the pads, start the competitions and let every player on the roster play to their potential! Let the games begin! Let us know what you’re most excited about this season. Leave us a comment and Let’s Talk Jet Football!!

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