New York Jets: Breaking down Calvin Pace’s latest comments


Linebacker Calvin Pace has seen a lot so far on his tenure with the New York Jets. He’s seen good times, bad times and plenty in between. Thanks to a spending spree this past offseason to make sure to bolster the Jets’ defense, there are high expectations that the team will become a prolific contender again. Sure, it looks great on paper but the ultimate test will be once the games that actually matter are here and it’s time to deliver.

In an article written by ESPN’s Rich Cimini, Pace recently chimed in on what he thinks will happen this upcoming season for the Jets’ defense. Here is what he had to say:

"“Obviously, it’s a passing league and you have to have a lot of corners to compete,” the veteran linebacker said. “We got ’em now. We’ve got no more excuses. We’ve got to go out and make it happen.”"

Needless to say, Pace is completely right as this time around, the same excuses of a lack of talent in the past won’t cut it anymore. The Jets have to deliver at least from a defensive standpoint if they plan to stay competitive this upcoming season.

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It won’t be easy but with a great mix of veterans, young talent and a new defensive mindset, the Jets’ defense should easily be amongst the best the NFL has to offer in 2015.

Considering the Jets found incredible success just a few years ago when Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis were holding down the fort, those memories could turn into reality again once the NFL season arrives.

Overall, it’s good to see Pace speak up and offer this thoughts on what to expect defensively from the Jets as everyone is working hard to ensure a turnaround season. It won’t be easy but if Pace and company have anything to say about it, they won’t rest until they are known as an extraordinary defense against anybody trying to go up against them.

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