Chan Gailey: Are the Jets really in good hands?


I’d like to take a look at the new offensive coordinator of the New York Jets in Chan Gailey. Many have said the Jets hired a sure fire winner when they selected Gailey, but I’m not too certain. Today I’m posing the question, is Gailey the guy to turn this offense around? Let’s take a look.

To start things off his real name isn’t Chan, he was born Thomas Chandler Gailey in Gainesville Georgia. I never cared for folks that used aliases, so strike one for “Chan.” I jest of course, but I just wanted to throw that tidbit out there.

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Gailey has a seriously long coaching career. He’s 63 years old and it seems like he’s been coaching that long. Gailey has been well traveled throughout his career. Gailey has coached everywhere seemingly, he’s bounced back and forth between the NCAA and the NFL and even did a stint in the World League.

His experience is extensive. Starting off as an graduate assistant at Florida State, his first real coaching job came along in 1976 when he was hired by Troy State University. Gailey has coached every position imaginable on a football team. He started as a DB coach for Troy Sate, and over the years he’s held jobs as DC, HC, TE, ST, QB, WR, and of course OC. Quite the resume, and many of those positions were for NFL teams.

Gailey is a well seasoned veteran in coaching circles that have clearly been established. He’s respected both at the NCAA level and the NFL level. One would think Gailey would be a perfect fit for the Jets. Yet, I still have my concerns and from what I’ve been reading, I’m not alone. Gailey may or not be the guy for this particular job.

First off, Gailey has been out of football since he was fired by the Buffalo Bills in 2012. Gailey only held the head coaching job in Buffalo for two years before being let go as well. In Buffalo, he posted two consecutive years with a 6 – 10 record. Overall as a HC, Gailey’s NFL record is a measly 34 – 48!

He comes to the Jets as a OC I know, but one has to question his lack of success. Then to be out of football entirely for two years, is also concerning. The AFC East looks nothing like it did when Gailey last coached.  Gailey will need to learn his opponents as he goes. There have been a fair share of guys that were very good assistants but who fell short as head coaches, but most have gone back to coaching. I have to wonder why nobody was looking to snatch Gailey up before the Jets. Is there something we aren’t seeing here?

As an OC, Gailey has earned a reputation for his spread type offenses. He’s still respected for his offenses, but nobody is quite sure how that will translate into success for this football team. Considering that every team in the AFC has seen his system before, and that he hasn’t had the greatest of results in the AFC, one needs to stop a moment and wonder.

It’s been highly publicized that Gailey has a knack for getting results from lesser QB’s through his career. While it’s true that Gailey has gotten a good season or two from those players, he’s truly never won anything with them. Winning games is nice, but Jet fans are looking for a play-off run.

May 27, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) looks to pass during organized team activities at Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Another other thing with Gailey concerning QB’s is his lack of experience actually developing one. The Jets have a young signal caller in Geno Smith who desperately needs someone to aid him in his development. The Jets also drafted another project QB to develop in the form of Bryce Petty. It would appear Gailey will be in charge of making these two into NFL starting material. I have my concerns whether Gailey can get the job done at QB.

Look, I’m not condemning the hiring of Gailey. I’m just voicing some concerns. Many Jet fans are making Gailey into some sort of offensive genius, and I just don’t see it. Gailey has had some very good years in the NFL, but he’s also produced some dismal years as well. Scouts often talk about a players consistency, I’m concerned with Gailey’s.

So, I’m posing the question, is Chan Gailey the guy to get the job done? I’d love to get your thoughts so please leave me a comment below. Let’s Talk Jet Football!

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