What happens if Geno Smith ultimately fails? Career done?


Of course since there is still plenty of time left before the regular season arrives, what would happen if quarterback Geno Smith ultimately fails this year with the New York Jets? The past few years he’s been on the outside looking in as this could very well be his final opportunity to either silence his critics or give the Jets more than enough reasons to cut ties with their third year quarterback. If Smith continues to be a turnover prone quarterback, could his career be ultimately done?

Not quite.

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The Jets have historically been a terrible team when it comes to developing quarterbacks. Sure, they struck gold when they drafted Mark Sanchez back in the 2009 NFL Draft and found a ton of success early on but failed to give him the talent around him to continue thriving. Needless to say, he ended up severely injuring his shoulder in preseason football and eventually released by the Jets.

In Smith’s case, he was rushed extremely too soon once he was drafted in the 2013 NFL Draft. Most of the time, teams prefer to give their future franchise quarterbacks a year or two out of the starting spotlight as they develop under a savvy veteran. Smith was never given that opportunity and did the best he could with the sub-par talent around him.

Fast forward to now as there is no excuse for Smith not to at least play decent football. With a revamped wide receiving corps infused with better talent in Brandon Marshall and Devin Smith and the possibility of offensive coordinator Chan Gailey installing a spread offense this upcoming season to cater to his strengths, Smith should step up and execute.

If not, then his tenure on the Jets will definitely come to an end after all is said and done. While his career won’t be done per-say, his time as a starting option on the Jets will definitely be over. If such a scenario should turn out being reality, all eyes will then be on Bryce Petty to hopefully be the answer they’re looking for in an effective starting quarterback.

It’s time to shine or fall in 2015 for Smith as this is for all the marbles now. His future on the team depends on what he does this upcoming season because in a rebound year the Jets are hoping to make a grand return to being a playoff-contending team, Smith will either lead the way or pave it for someone else.

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