New York Jets: Todd Bowles is no Rex Ryan and it’s great


For the past few years on the New York Jets, Rex Ryan’s style of coaching got pretty stale. His fiery, no-nonsense coaching eventually turned into a disaster as there wasn’t much accountability for players missing mandatory team meetings or even showing up late. He was a player friendly coach throughout his tenure with the Jets and while that’s good to a degree, once the winning stops and a losing mentality settles in, it doesn’t quite work like it use to. That’s why owner Woody Johnson made the smart decision in removing Ryan this offseason and replacing him with Todd Bowles.

Bowles has already made his presence felt by having his priorities be what is seen, done and executed on the football field. He’s not the kind of coach that Ryan was in cracking jokes and creating bulletin board material due to various issues on the team but keeps it all about football. This time around, Bowles has a quiet demeanor that lets his players know he’s watching everything and demands the most out of his players.

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It’s great to see Bowles pretty much be the anti-Ryan as he’s not there to be a friend to a player but a coach that expects execution to bring this team back to glory.

It seems like it’s been forever since the Jets have been in the NFL Playoffs as their efforts last year of 4-12 will surely motivate Bowles to keep things professional and to the point. The fun and games are over until the Jets return into being a playoff-contending team.

One of the main problems of the Jets was their failure to prepare and have everyone be on the same page. With Bowles now putting this team on a path of being successful again, his maniacal approach to detail and preparing for anything coming up is what makes him better than what Ryan’s been doing the past few years. He expects the most out of his players and so far during OTAs, has had his message well-received by the players.

Overall, it’s hard to measure if he’ll be more successful than Ryan since after all, only time will tell just how he’ll end up doing in his new journey with the Jets. One thing for sure though, it’s a refreshing change at head coach that should yield solid results in no time at all.

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