Poll: Good idea to officially name Geno Smith the starter?


The New York Jets made a bold decision when they officially named Geno Smith their starting quarterback heading into next season. When it comes this ever important position for the Jets, they never seem to disappoint when it comes to the drama that ensues year in, year out. Regardless, the jury is out when it comes to announcing this decision so early in the offseason and squashing any idea that a real quarterback competition will happen this summer.

On one side, this could be a great thing in disguise. There is no confusion, no controversy and above all else pure confidence that the Jets are 100% supportive in giving Smith the keys to run it all. Confidence is huge these days in the NFL as the Jets know that if Smith is to succeed this upcoming season, everyone must know this is his team to lead.

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On the other side, perhaps a competition could have produced a better option at the position than just handing it to Smith so easily. As a turnover machine, Smith heads into this upcoming season with a huge weight on his shoulders in delivering to a fan base that seemed to have enough of his lackluster play in his tenure with the team.

Regardless what side of the fence you are on when it comes to Smith being under center to start next season, it’s important that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey delivered his full support to the masses that this is what the Jets are sticking with. If anything, this will end up being the best decision the Jets could have made or one that could potentially turn into a disaster if Smith doesn’t deliver in his third year with the organization.

What do you think, Jets Nation? Please vote below whether you think this was a good idea or not for the Jets to do and feel free leave your comments to really get the conversation going!

Good idea to officially name Geno Smith the starter?

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