Poll: Who should be starting QB for New York Jets?


At the current moment, the New York Jets have plenty of options when it comes to their quarterback situation. The question is, which one will emerge as the top candidate to win plenty of football games for the Jets once the games actually start to matter? Some feel that this could be the year that Geno Smith lives up to his potential and delivers flawless football. Others feel that a veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick could easily use his experience to lead this team back into the NFL Playoffs. What about the other new faces in town? How do they fit in?

Matt Simms, Bryce Petty and Jake Heaps are all heading into training camps to battle it out to earn a roster spot. Simms might be in danger of losing his role on the team since Petty comes with a tremendous upside and could be molded into a future option for the Jets down the road.

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Heaps was brought in since he showed potential during rookie training camp weekend as the Jets want to take a further look. He could also have been brought in just to be a training camp arm but one never knows, he could end up being quite the surprise if he impresses early and consistently once the decision makers start evaluating him.

It’s no secret that even though the Jets have done a fantastic job upgrading and bolstering their team this offseason that the only big question mark is at quarterback. It’s the most important position on the team and the Jets need to make sure that the best person is at the helm to get the job done.

What do you think Jets Nation? Who gives the Jets the absolute best chance to put this team in a position to succeed come next season? Please vote below and leave your thoughts so we can really get the conversation going!

Who should be starting QB for New York Jets?

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