2015 NFL Draft: Predicting the New York Jets’ First Round Pick


One more day.  That is all we have to wait before the NFL draft begins, and we finally get to end the speculation.  All of the talk is coming to an end.  The mock drafts stop.  Everyone can end the role of playing virtual GM, and we get to see what our teams finally are going to do.  Who are the next stars of the NFL?  We will find out soon.

This afternoon, I wanted to bring you my final speculation prior to the draft.  I have discussed the possibilities for the Jets with the number six pick.  They could move up, down or stay and make the choice.  But what are the Jets going to do if all things are equal?  It’s time to predict the New York Jets selection in tomorrow night’s first round.

For purposes of this prediction, the Jets stay with the number six pick.  It’s difficult to predict trades, we are not the ones on the phone hearing the offers.  If Mike Maccagnan is blown away by an offer, this can change.  But, for now, the Jets remain at number six.

So who do the Jets select?  My prediction is…

Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson

First of all, Marcus Mariota is going to be off the table.  I don’t see him dropping to number six anymore.  More and more, the Titans interest is what we hear about.  The Jets are not trading up that high to take a guy that is not a sure thing.  Marcus Mariota is not a sure thing, so I do not want him here, but you guys know that by now.  I don’t think the Jets will bring him here either.

The Jets need a dominant edge pass rusher, and Vic Beasley seems to be the most likely to be around at number six.  Most have Dante Fowler going in the top five, but Beasley seems to be floating around this spot in the draft.  Vic Beasley could be the final piece to what could be a dominant Jets defense.

The Jets will be tempted to go with a wide receiver.  I don’t believe that both will be gone by number six, so Amari Cooper or Kevin White will be available, and potentially both of them.  That isn’t likely, but having one available is.  But, you know what?  The Jets have their top receiver with Brandon Marshall.  They don’t need to pick one high, they can fill the depth chart at the position on day two and/or day three of the draft.

If Vic Beasley is available, I believe he will be the New York Jets choice.

What do you think?  Am I totally off base?

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