New York Jets: Notes from Mike Maccagnan Pre-Draft Press Conference


The draft is just under one week away.  Mike Maccagnan and company are putting the finishing touches on their work, figuring out who the next starts of the New York Jets are going to be.  Maccagnan addressed the media this morning.  Here are some thoughts on what Maccagnan had to say, courtesy of observations from our buddy Rich Cimini:

  • The Jets have certainly done their homework.  Per Maccagnan, the Jets have evaluated almost 1,400 players, leaving just under 300 on their draft board.  It’s good to see the Jets have gotten their work in.  As the man instrumental in bringing J.J. Watt to the Texans, we know that Mike Maccagnan is familiar with talent. 
  • It is not impossible that the Jets move up in order to acquire Marcus Mariota.  To his credit, Maccagnan didn’t specifically address whether they want to choose a QB, as to not give it away to other teams.  He did advise, however, that the Jets will begin to price what it would take to move up from number six.  It’s a good sign that he doesn’t like to give up picks, as the more picks he has, the more chance he has of choosing a quality player.  You know how I feel by now about Mariota, and though it doesn’t hurt to ask, don’t give up the farm to get him.
  • It’s pretty easy to infer, however, that the Jets have INTEREST in the young Oregon quarterback.  Maccagnan is “comfortable” with the homework done on Mariota, between his Pro day, and working him out in NJ.  Does that mean they value him enough to trade up and get him?  We won’t know that until April 30th. 
  • Maccagnan also stated that they look at the best player available when it comes from to the draft, using free agency more directly to fill needs.  That could mean that the Jets will trade up to get Mariota, if they feel he is the best player on the board.
  • He will “deal” with Mo and his agent in the future.  You all definitely know how I feel here.  Maccagnan better get this one done soon after the draft.

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