BREAKING: Mark Sanchez Returning to the New York Jets


I guess it all comes full circle for Jets fans sometimes, doesn’t it?  It looks like everyone’s favorite quarterback to love, or hate, is returning to Gotham.

Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that Mark Sanchez is returning to the New York Jets.  Mark Sanchez, along with the Eagles first and second round picks in 2015, and a second round pick in 2016, will be coming to New York.  In return, the Jets will be sending the newly acquired Ryan Fitzpatrick and their current first round pick to the Eagles.

We have heard the rumors that Chip Kelly wants to draft a former quarterback of his, Mr. Marcus Mariota.  This would see to confirm this interest.  Here is what Chip had to say:

Nobody thinks like Chip. I have had a master plan all along. You have seen it taking shape. I am willing to trade players as easily as most people change their underwear. The Jets wanted a veteran quarterback. I had one, and now he’s on the Jets. Sure, I had to give up three draft picks, but now I can get my guy. My favorite former Duck of them all. See you soon Marcus!

Mike Maccagnan has had a wild off-season, and it continues. He said the Jets were going to be “active”. This is active. Here are his comments:

I told you I was going to be active, didn’t I? The moves have gone so well, I thought it was high time to make another one. I got to thinking, the reunion moves I have made on defense have been so well received with Darrelle and Cromartie, why not make one on offense? I heard that Sanchez was a popular man with the Jets fan base. He did lead them to two AFC title games, so, it made sense to me!

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Macc isn’t wrong. Mark Sanchez did help take the Jets to back-to-back title games. It’s not like Sanchez didn’t have success here. It’s just all that happened afterwards. Sanchez’s play was so poor by the end, we all wondered whether or not he could get it done in New York. They had a solid veteran in Fitzpatrick, why change the plan by bringing in a guy with the checkered past of Mark Sanchez? It doesn’t make a lot of logical sense.

You know when they talk about the “circle of life”? Well, we have it here. You see, in 2009, the Jets drafted Sanchez after acquiring the fifth overall draft pick from the Browns. Here, the Jets have re-acquired Mark Sanchez for the sixth overall pick in the draft. See how it all comes back around?

So, welcome home Mark Sanchez.

So, what do you think of the new quarterback competition? How will Sanchez fair this time around?

I am not sure what I think about this trade, but you know what I DO know?

I know that it is April Fool’s Day!!!!

Back to our regular coverage of the Jets as normal. I hope you enjoyed our little prank, have a great day.

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