The Brilliance of Darrelle Revis


Jan 27, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New England Patriots cornerback

Darrelle Revis

during media day for Super Bowl XLIX at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis has been returned from New England. Revis won his Super Bowl last year with the enemy, but the Jets had the money, and shelled out the big bucks to their former star. Jets fans rejoiced at the Revis news, and jerseys with the number 24 have been removed from giveaway piles to be hung back in closets all over the area. Revis is back.

I have talked a lot on these pages about why I am not thrilled that Revis is back. Personally, the drama that he brings is not worth it to me. Revis will holdout and cause trouble when he hits the back-end of this contract. I’m not trying to cause a problem, I am just going by his history. Revis has allegiance to whomever will pay him the most. That’s the reason.

That being said, there is no denying how much better the Jets defense is, now that Revis is back. He is far better than anything the Jets put out there last year. My major objections to Darrelle Revis have nothing to do with ability on the football field.

I wanted to break down, and take a look at just how good Darrelle Revis is. An interception of his from back in week two will tell the story, so let’s take a look.

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Matt Cassel is in the shotgun. The matchup we are looking at is in the circle, Darrelle Revis on Greg Jennings. First take note of how close to the line Revis is playing. Revis is barely one yard off of Jennings. It’s too often that we see corners playing off of the line, giving the receiver room to make the first move and get by. But that doesn’t happen with Darrelle Revis. He plays right up on the line, giving him the chance to get his hands on the receiver and stop him from running his route correctly.

Jennings will follow the arrow at the snap, coming straight at Revis, making a move to the inside before cutting back towards the sideline to catch Matt Cassel’s pass. Watch Revis stick with Jennings all the way into his route.

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The play moves down the field, and we watch the Revis/Jennings matchup develop, again in the circle. Revis has Jennings secured on his “island” with no room to roam. Revis is with Jennings stride for stride. Yes, the route is still developing, but has Jennings created any separation on Darrelle Revis? Absolutely not. His film study, and ability to simply cover man-to-man, has Jennings under a blanket

Jennings is about to make his move, cutting to the inside before doubling back outside, looking for a pass to the outside. Watch how Revis covers the play.

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Here is Jennings making his cut to the inside. Revis is right there with him. Take a look as he makes his double move, taking it to the outside.

Again this is vintage Darrelle Revis here. Revis has anticipated Jennings’ move to the outside, and has beaten him to the spot he is running the route to. Revis makes himself into the receiver, putting himself as the only one with the ability to make the catch…

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Darrelle Revis makes the interception, his first as a member of the Patriots.

This is why Darrelle Revis is a brilliant football player. He is a tireless worker in the classroom. His film study is second to none. That translates into the ability to anticipate routes, and take his opponent out of his game so badly that he becomes the receiver.

I may not have wanted Darrelle Revis back, but it has nothing to do with what he shows us between the white lines. Out there, he is brilliant.

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