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This weekend, we have a first in the NFL. For the first time, there will be a veteran NFL Combine. Similar to the college event in Indianapolis, more than 100 veteran free agents will be in Arizona, showing off their talents to the 32 teams, trying to find their way onto a 90 man roster as the teams head to OTA’s, and the workouts that follow. These are guys that haven’t gotten much attention in the free agency period, so this may be their last chance to make a roster.

There is one position that the Jets haven’t addressed during the off-season so far, and that is running back. Yes, they have brought back Bilal Powell. What they HAVEN’T done, however, is figure out who is going to replace Chris Johnson. We thought that it might be C.J. Spiller, but the Jets didn’t have much interest there.

So, I started looking at the list of players that will be in Arizona for the veteran combine, and one guy jumped off of the page. In attendance will be running back Felix Jones, and I believe that if he performs well, the Jets should consider a flyer on the former Dallas Cowboy.

Here are Jones’ career stats to date:

Jones had his best days with the Dallas Cowboys. Over four years in Big D, Jones averaged well over four yards per carry in a secondary role in the Cowboys’ backfield. He did drop to 3.6 yards per carry before taking his talent to Pittsburgh. He was benched, and out of football last season, which makes teams hesitant.

Felix Jones is fast. His forty yard dash time at the Combine in 2006 was a blazing 4.47 seconds. That’s the type of back that Jones is. He is a speed back, making his living outside of the tackles.

Take a look at some video from Jones’ days in Dallas:

Look at the burst of Felix Jones. He hits the hole on the outside and bam! Jones is through it, picking up chunks of yardage. He is a smaller guy, standing at only 5’10”. But, he is the perfect back for what the Jets need. Chris Ivory runs over people. He is a big guy, that is his game. To change the pace, the Jets need a smaller guy that can get around the edge, as the opponent keys on their workhorse, Chris Ivory. Felix Jones can be that guy.

Yes, Felix Jones was out of football last year, but he is only 27 years old. In the right position, Felix Jones’ best years lie ahead. The Jets should really give him a hard look, he could turn into the steal of the off-season.

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