New York Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson Deal Needs to Happen Soon


The New York Jets have done a wonderful job so far in rebuilding their 4-12 team.  Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie have been brought back to town so we can actually cover a wide receiver.  Brandon Marshall adds a weapon that the Jets haven’t seen in many, years.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is in town to give Geno Smith competition, and depth has been added up front.


Mike Maccagnan has taken the money available to him, and filled major gaps in the Jets roster.  The Jets, by all accounts, have been one of the free agency winners, and has the team primed to be better in 2014.  But there is one move that hasn’t happened yet.  It’s a move that has been a long time coming.  There is no public timeline at this point, and in my opinion, they need to do it sooner rather than later.


It’s time to give Muhammad Wilkerson his deal.  This must happen soon.


We all know that Wilkerson deserves it.  He started to come around in 2012, with five sacks.  Since then, Wilkerson has posted 16.5 sacks, and been the driving force on the Jets defensive line.  He is tough against the run, and some say that he is the best defensive end not named J.J. Watt.  He has outperformed his rookie contract by a wide margin.


Wilkerson is under contract, so he technically can play in 2015 without a new deal.  But is that wise?  We know how great he has been, and everyone plays well in their walk year.  The price is going to go up, the longer Wilkerson goes without a deal.  If he hits free agency, it will be a problem.  The price will go through the roof, and there is a great chance that Wilkerson goes to the highest bidder.


Why not?  He will certainly deserve the huge pay day.


The Jets could let it go, and give him the “franchise tag” in the off-season.  That would keep him tied to the Jets, but isn’t always a great option.  Some players take it as an insult, and even hold out of workouts.  It caused a problem for Drew Brees, who is to say that Wilkerson will be happy with the idea?


Right now, Maccagnan wants to get it done, but he has no timeline.  People have told me not to worry, that it will get done.  But where is the money going to come from?  He is due a big contract.  The Jets have given a lot of big contracts out lately.  They don’t have nearly the amount of money available they did previously.

Are they dragging their feet because they don’t have the cash to pay Wilkerson?  I don’t know.  I could be wrong, but I am worried.  I don’t want to lose Muhammad Wilkerson, and the longer this takes, the harder it will be.

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