New York Jets: Mike Maccagnan Has a Plan


The Jets have taken the fan base by storm lately, with a flurry of moves that should immediately upgrade the roster. The Jets have a veteran quarterback in place to compete with Geno Smith. They have made significant changes to the cornerback position, with Darrelle Revis and Buster Skrine. They have competition at the guard position in the form of James Carpenter. Mike Maccagnan and his staff have identified the problems, and have taken clear steps to make necessary changes.

Granted, they haven’t taken the field yet, so it remains to be seen how these moves will turn out. But, there is one thing undeniably true, and it is a fact that should make Jets fans excited.

Mike Maccagnan wants to win. With that, he has a clear plan to make that happen.

Mike Maccagnan has changed the culture around the New York Jets. What do I mean? Well, there is clearly a different vibe around the team, one that hasn’t been around in quite some time. It’s an about-face from the short-lived John Idzik era. Maccagnan has brought with him a desire to turn the New York Jets around quickly. He wants to win, and he has Woody Johnson opening up the bank to get there.

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  • The plan is a plan of aggression. The Jets are not sitting around, waiting for one selected player to meet the market where they see it. That was John Idzik’s problem. As purely a business guy, he had a value in his brain for the player he was interested in, and he did not deviate from that plan. If the player the Jets needed did not fit his perceived monetary value, the Jets allowed him to search employment elsewhere.

    That is a wonderful plan to improve the salary cap, which John Idzik did. It’s not, however, a plan to improve the talent on a football team. That is where John Idzik failed.

    Enter Mike Maccagnan.

    Mike Maccagnan is going out and finding players to fit what the Jets need. That is the general manager’s job. His job is not to throw all of his eggs into one basket. If Maccagnan had done that, Skrine would not have been here. All of his attention would have been at Revis, and we wouldn’t have acquired Brandon Marshall to bolster the offense. James Carpenter would not be here to compete on the offensive line. Granted, John Idzik freed up the money to make this happen, and we cannot take that away from him. But a guy like Idzik would not have made moves like this.

    Idzik had a “wait and see”, meticulous approach. It works to fix a budge, with John Idzik did with gusto. It doesn’t work when rebuilding a football roster with many needs.

    Mike Maccagnan has an aggressive approach. He is going out and finding players to fit the needs. Is it the right plan? We shall see. But it is a plan, and one the New York Jets haven’t seen in a long time.

    I, for one, am excited for what the future holds with Mike Maccagnan as the New York Jets general manager.

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