New York Jets: Geno Smith, Percy Harvin, NFL Draft and More

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1.) – Jets QB Situation – 

The Jets are one of a few teams this off-season that find themselves dealing with more than a few questions at the most important position on the team – the QB position.  I’m actually trying to remember a time in which this particular issue wasn’t an off-season issue for the Jets – I can’t.  So once again, the QB position is under the scope and for good reason as Geno Smith did nothing last year to prevent it.  I don’t blame Jets fans for being down on Geno, but as down as some are on him, I do believe he is the Jets “best” option next season.  Part of this is going to be by default and yes, the other will be because he’s just simply the better option.

Let’s be clear about it though, if it was up to me I would do everything in my power to trade up for Florida State QB Jameis Winston and not really care what anyone thought about it.  That doesn’t seem to be a legitimate option for the Jets, so in my opinion, the next best option is Geno Smith for a few reasons, one of which is his familiarity in the inevitable spread offense that new Jets OC Chan Gailey is likely bringing, (I’ll get more into that later).  Simply put; I really love Geno’s potential in this offense.

The idea for the Jets is to find someone that can unequivocally unseat Geno and take over as the starter, but with the way the free agent QB dominos are falling, I just don’t see that happening.  Some Jets fans want Mariota and I understand – a “top” QB prospect vs the inconsistent/bad incumbent starter in Geno – I get it.  I personally don’t see Mariota beating Geno in a fair QB competition, despite how bad/inconsistent Geno has been.  Some might see it, I don’t.


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