New York Jets Fan Poll: 2015 NFL Draft Top Priority


OK Jets fans.  You hear from myself and the rest of the Jet Press staff all of the time.  This afternoon we want to hear from you.

The draft is still over two months away, so the Jets are in the early stages of the preparation process.  The next step is the NFL combine, followed by workouts, visits, …etc.  There is a lot of work to be done prior to the draft.

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We have already talked quite a bit about the draft.  We have looked at several mock drafts, and even created our first one of the year.  There is a lot more to come, of course.  But this afternoon, I wanted to take a break from our speculation, and give you guys the chance to sound off.

What do you think the Jets top priority in the upcoming NFL draft?  Here are some of the options:

WIDE RECEIVER: The Jets have lacked the big play wide receiver, as we all know.  Percy Harvin is not likely to be here due to his salary.  Maybe the Jets should go hard after Amari Cooper or one of the other top receivers?

QUARTERBACK: Geno Smith needs legitimate competition.  There isn’t a lot more to say on that.  The Jets have been chasing a franchise quarterback for years.  Maybe the Jets should do what they have to in order to obtain one this Spring?

EDGE PASS RUSHER: As good as the Jets front seven is, and we know it is good, they don’t have that dominant pass rusher that can get to the quarterback any time he wants.  They have good pass rushers, but not a dominant one.  Maybe a Shane Ray or Randy Gregory should be the Jets top priority.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Nick Mangold is still the anchor, but the rest of the group is declining.  No matter who the quarterback is, no offense can execute without the horses up front.  Maybe a La’el Collins would be a good idea for the Jets to target early.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: We all know how bad the Jets were in the secondary.  In short, they couldn’t cover anybody.  Maybe the Jets should trade down, and put their efforts into rebuilding the secondary.

Now, we want to hear what you think.  Vote in the poll below, and leave your reasoning in the comments……

What is the New York Jets Top Priority in the Draft?


(32%, 43 Votes)

Wide Receiver

(24%, 33 Votes)

Offensive Line

(23%, 31 Votes)

Defensive Back

(11%, 15 Votes)

Edge Pass Rusher

(10%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 136

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