New York Jets: Thoughts on General Manager Mike Maccagnan


Well, it was made official yesterday by the New York Jets.  They have their man to replace general manager John Idzik, and he is a protegé of consultant Charley Casserly.  If you don’t know by now, Mike Maccagnan, most recently the director of college scouting for the Houston Texans, has been hired as the next general manager.  With the deal done, here are my thoughts.

It’s hard to argue with the choice, given Maccagnan’s history and background.  Take a look at some bullet points from his career, courtesy of the team website:

NFLHouston Texans (2000-14)■ Director of college scouting (2011-14)■ Assistant director of college scouting (2010-11)■ Coordinator of college scouting (2000-10)Washington Redskins (1994-2000)■ Pro Scout (1995-2000)■ College Scout (1994)CFLSaskatchewan Roughriders (1994)■ Director of scoutingOttawa Rough Riders (1993)■ Director of scouting and director of player personnelWorld League (1990-91)■ London Monarchs director of player personnel (1991)■ League scout (1990)

His background is what excites New York Jets fans. Mike Maccagnan has spent his football life evaluating football players. Whether it has been the NFL, the CFL, or the World League, all Mike Maccagnan has done is watch football players. He will have the final say on the Jets roster, and Maccagnan has the experience to make these types of calls. Maccagnan is a football guy. John Idzik, despite his claims to the contrary, had no real background in evaluating players. This guys does.

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No matter who was hired, this was the move the Jets had to make, to get a guy with this type of background. Mike Maccagnan can find football players. He may not be a guy that writes contracts, but the Jets can find a “cap guy” to fill that void in the front office, assisting Maccagnan. Tannenbaum did it for Parcells, and he did it quite well. The Jets will find an assistant to handle that role.

Incidentally, it means very little to me that he is a local guy. It’s nice that he has that connection, but Mike Maccagnan didn’t have to be a Jets fan, just because he grew up in Highstown, NJ. It’s not a major point.

I like that I read he is a grinder, and a tireless worker. Maccagnan has a reputation as a guy that won’t sit on his hands, waiting for solutions to come to him. He will have a plan to fix the New York Jets, and will work hard to put that plan into action.

If you are going to look for a negative here, the fact that he has only been a scout could give someone pause. We know he had a “strong voice” in the draft room, but he has never run a draft. It’s hard to say how much of a voice he had in drafting J.J. Watt. We just don’t know. As the leading man, will Mike Maccagnan make the right choices for the New York Jets? There is no real way to answer that, until we see him in action.

Overall I do like the move. I am not trying to say I do not. I am just saying that when it comes to Mike Maccagnan, actions will speak louder than words. Maccagnan will have a plan. So did John Idzik. Time will tell if the hire of Mike Maccagnan is the right one.

But there is certainly a lot to like.

What does everybody think?