New England Patriots vs. New York Jets: Sunday NFL Weather report


Week 16 is here and it’s time for the evil empire to come into MetLife Stadium as the New York Jets host the New England Patriots.

If you’re going out to MetLife for the final home game of the season for a 1 p.m. kickoff, here’s what you’ll be facing from the weather:

“Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 42. Wind chill values between 25 and 35. Calm wind becoming north around 5 mph.”

So, if you are going to the game, make sure you dress warm.

OK, about the game itself, it’s the Patriots. We all know what that team is all about.

What do the Jets need to do in this game to potentially have a chance to win this game?

Much of this will ride on Geno Smith‘s shoulders: His splits against New England are not what you like to call stellar (Pro-Football and ESPN splits) and his cold weather temperature games aren’t great either.

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Smith has got to keep control of the offense because the less time Tom Brady is on the field the better. And for that to happen, the offensive line needs to regain its mojo. The offense needs to really control this game which means be forceful but not stupid and make sharp clean plays. But the Jets know Darrelle Revis. The Patriots don’t use him like the Jets did but he can still be dangerous despite the fact he’s only got two interceptions for them (pro-football reference). If you’re Smith, you can’t be afraid to throw in his direction.

As for the defense, if the offense does what it supposed to do, you need to keep your foot on the throat and not let up. The corners (Marcus Williams and Darrin Walls) need to really step up their games. And I would take a page out of the 2010 playoff playbook. In a nutshell, cover the wide receivers like a blanket which will allow Sheldon Richardson and the rest of the front seven to do their thing.

This Jets team needs to recognize that they have a chance to put a monkey wrench to the Patriots post-season plans. Gang Green doesn’t have to make the road to the Super Bowl go through New England and if it was me, I would use that as my motivation.