New York Jets Film Room: Chris Johnson Sets Up the Win


Dec 14, 2014; Nashville, TN, USA; New York Jets running back Chris Johnson (21) prior to the game against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

2014 marked the first year that Chris Johnson played for any team other than the Tennessee Titans. The Titans released him, feeling that he was done, and paving the way for the Jets to bring him in to bolster the running attack. Johnson was looking forward to showing his former team what he had left when the Jets faced off against the Titans on Sunday.

It was rough sledding for most of the game, but Johnson broke through for a big gainer late, and that set up the game winner. Marty Mornhinweg drew up a terrific play, and it worked to perfection. Let’s take a look.

Chris Johnson is taking the snap in the “Wildcat”. Geno Smith is flanked out wide to the right as a receiver. The two important players are in the squares, fullback John Conner and guard Oday Aboushi. Conner is going to give the lead block, and Aboushi is going to pull and make a block in the hole, springing the Jets running back for a long one.

Take a look in the circle, as the play that set the Jets up to win unfolds. Conner is already engaged in the lead block. Aboushi is pulling from his left guard position, moving ahead of Chris Johnson into the hole. Look at the patience on Chris Johnson, as he waits for his blocking to set up. It ends up paying the Jets dividends.

Here is Oday Aboushi blocking for Johnson in the hole. Look at the hole that the Jets running back has to run through from here. He comes straight ahead, with nobody in sight. Take a look at who gets in on the act for the Jets down the field.

It might be hard to tell in this picture, but if you don’t remember, that is Geno Smith making a block down the field. No matter how you feel about the Jets beleagured quarterback, he will do anything to help his team win. This was the final block that nearly put Johnson in the endzone.

Johnson is knocked out of bounds at the Titans four yard line, setting the Jets up first and goal, and for the eventual winning touchdown.

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Johnson finally was able to get his former team back in the end. Marty Mornhinweg does have a good design and a good play call in him once in a while. It’s just a shame for the Jets that it didn’t happen often enough.