New York Jets: Geno Smith Interested in the Here and Now


As we talked about earlier today, the guy in the picture is going to be a major topic after the season is over. Does anyone in the Jets organization still believe in Geno Smith? Can Geno be the Jets quarterback of the future? It is certainly a discussion that is had within the fan base on a daily basis.

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We can only imagine how this topic goes within the walls of Florham Park, NJ. But that doesn’t seem to faze Geno Smith, who discussed what he would say to fans as they think about this topic:

Well, as of right now, I can only focus on what I’m going through right here and right now. We’ve got three games left to obviously, improve and we’ve got to go out there and put it all on line and do our jobs. For the fans, I know it’s been a hard season for us all. We always have the fans in mind because we do appreciate what they do for us, the support and just coming out every single Sunday, even though we’re not where we want to be right now. Having faith, because we have faith in this locker room. We all have faith in one another and we have faith that what we’re going through right now isn’t indicative of who we are as players or as people. We believe that we’re going to come out of this and be successful. I know that I’m going to be successful and I believe in all my teammates in saying that we’ll all be successful. We don’t like to talk about the future, because we’re living in the right now, but it’s almost exciting to think about all the room for improvement that we have. But at the same time, we’ve got to really hone in on the right now and just focus on what we need to do right now.

This is all Geno Smith can focus on for the last three games. It is either an audition for the Jets, other teams, or a little bit of both.

We will soon find out.