New York Jets: Going Back to Geno Smith was a “Jet” Decision


It would appear that there were more voices than only Rex Ryan deciding who the starting quarterback for the New York Jets was going to be this week.

Yesterday, the New York Post wrote an article that said according to a “source”, the move to Geno Smith at quarterback was the decision of head coach Rex Ryan.  The Jets head coach made the decision, according to the source, on the basis that it would be the best thing for the Jets going into 2015, whether or not he is still the Jets coach.

Be fair to Brian Costello and give the article a read.

I am not saying that the source didn’t give that information to Brian. This is not a forum to take a shot at one of our team’s beat reporters. What I am saying is that the source’s information is inconsistent with what Rex Ryan had to say. If you look at the words of the Jets leader, we see a clear picture as to what actually happened.

Take a look at a portion of Rex’s press conference with the Jets media yesterday, and see what you think. The topic he was asked about is followed by each answer:

On how hard it has been for the coaches to go back-and-forth between quarterbacks… These reports, this guy wants so-and-so. I know the reality of the situation. This was a Jet decision that Geno is our quarterback and that’s just the way it is. But, how difficult is it to go back-and-forth? I mean usually, if it’s going great, then you don’t have those situations. It is one guy is in there and that’s it. In a perfect scenario, that would be it. But, clearly we haven’t had a perfect scenario here and these things happen.

On if the reports about disagreement on the starting quarterback are true… I am not going to verify or discredit any kind of source. Let you guys figure it out. All I know is the Jet decision was to play Geno Smith.

Nov 2, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan watches play on the sidelines during the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On why it wasn’t the head coach’s decision… Well how do you know that wasn’t the case? But it’s a Jet decision and it has always been a Jet decision. Anything that goes with it.

On who is involved in the decision on the starting quarterback… I think the “our” thing is obviously more than one person is involved in a major decision, especially when you are talking about the quarterback, but to say specifically that hey it’s this guy or that guy, I am not going to do that.

On if he decides who plays on game day… I am not going to say that. I’ll say this, every move that is made during the game, I will be the guy that makes that call, period. But, when you have the decision that goes into it on who’s playing, and this could be week-to-week, it could be different positions as well, then clearly I will make sure that it’s not just me saying, “Hey, this player is going to go.” I want to get input from different people.

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Read those words carefully. Rex constantly makes reference to a “Jet” decision. In the excerpt of the press conference, I counted four mentions of the term. I understand that John Idzik has a hold on what is said and what is not said, but think about this. Rex Ryan has spent his entire Jets coaching tenure taking responsibility for things he has done. How often has he done that through the years? Quite a lot.

Now, that same guy is saying that it was the “our” thing, and it was a “Jet” decision. Does that sound like the guy that made the decision himself, and has never had a problem taking responsibility for anything? Not to me. It sounds like a guy that was guided to make that decision.

The Jets are not doing it right. The general manager gives the coach the roster. The coach decides who plays on that roster. This is called a division of labor. Does anyone think that Tom Coughlin went to his bosses to talk about what game Eli Manning became the starter? I doubt it. After Drew Bledsoe was ready to come back from injury, do you think Bill Belichick went to Robert Kraft to discuss whether to play Bledsoe or Tom Brady? I doubt it.

This is the wrong way to do it, and more evidence that the marriage between Rex Ryan and John Idzik is headed for divorce.