New York Jets Bye Week Brings Different Perspective


The New York Jets are 2-8, after snapping a seven game losing streak by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers before heading into their bye week. It was a great way to enter the bye, as the team proved it can win and they get to rest and heal up the minor bumps and bruises. It hasn’t been pretty this year, but it hasn’t been all ugly either. The Jets have some key pieces in place to make this a better football team, and it should be interesting to see how they develop down the stretch.

It has been a relatively quiet week around Jet Nation this week. Some had predicted a firing of Rex Ryan, but luckily for this team, that never developed. Ryan will coach his team down the stretch, and it is the right call in my opinion for several reasons. First, Ryan has earned the right. He has kept this team in these games for the most part, and he hasn’t quit coaching. Secondly, these kids are coming out and playing for him.  The talent level is not elite, but they are coming out every week and trying to improve. Finally, I’m not a fan of in-season coaching changes, they rarely bring about much change. The other factor here, is that the Jets have no competent coach behind him to take the reins. If he is to be fired for this team’s performance, it’ll be at season’s end. That is the right call.

In other minor news, the fans has announced they have raised enough money to add a fourth billboard to beautify New Jersey’s roadways. The fan base is disgruntled, and say what you may about this form of protest, but it’s apparent the fans, or at least a bunch of them are putting their money where their mouth is! It’s really minor news if you look at the big picture; the Jets organization probably isn’t going to bend to public opinion. The NFL and its teams have become huge businesses, conglomerates in fact, with all of the merchandising, advertising and TV contracts amounting to billions of dollars. Surely the owner of such a business isn’t going to make a decision based on some disgruntled fans.

Sep 7, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik reacts during the game against the Oakland Raiders at MetLife Stadium. The Jets defeated the Raiders 19-14. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This brings me to my next point. John Idzik. I know I have been a huge critic of Mr. Idzik, I’ve called for his firing many times this year in this blog. I have however spent this bye week, pouring over ever piece I could find on Idzik. I reviewed his drafts, and gone over his free agent signings, all the while trying to keep my mind open to other views of the issue. I still have many issues with John Idzik’s performance over the last two seasons, but I have come to believe there is a strong case to be made in retaining him as well. Maybe just maybe, this guy does have a plan!

I know folks, that is a radical change in my stance on our GM. Try not to fall off your chair. Seriously though, the guy has brought us some quality players. His claim to fame thus far has been his acquisition of Sheldon Richarson. This kid has been nothing but a beast, and I don’t believe you’ve seen his full potential yet! He also brought us Eric Decker,Percy Harvin, and without argument the WR corp is much better as a result. To add to that he also has a couple of WR’s on the practice squad and one on injured reserve that can develop and provide depth for this unit. No guarantees, but they are here.

He also brought in a veteran QB in the form of Michael Vick.  We can critique Michael all we want, but the fact remains if he weren’t on the roster things would have been much worse. Idzik also brought us both Dee Millner and Dexter McDougle. The ongoing injuries to both this season, kept them from making any sort of contributions to this team, but they both still hold potential. Jace Amaro, is another great addition to the Jets, he started out slow, and still has work to do, but his game is improving and with some hard work, he’s likely to become a good TE for the Jets in the passing game. I must admit I’ve been critical of some of these signings, but I’m realizing that my emotions might have gotten in the way of some of those criticisms. These players have potential, and for the young kids, we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

I’m a realist, I do believe that John Idzik’s job is secure, I highly doubt Woody Johnson is going to fire him after just two seasons. I make this point in that it brings us back to Rex Ryan. If Johnson keeps Idzik and spares his job for another season, he’d have to feel himself a lucky man! Does he then turn around, freshly reprieved from the unemployment line and fire Rex? I’m beginning to doubt that scenario as well. I’m seeing more and more signs that the Jets management is going to stay the same through next season. Rex is under contract through 2015, so if Idzik is retained, he does have the option to keep Rex without doing anything.

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It may not be the scenario Jets fans are likely to be happy with, but from here on out, I’ll be working under the premise that both Ryan and Idzik will be running the show next year. Remember fans, all the firing stories are pure speculation. Nobody has the inside scoop of what Woody Johnson will do! There are major decisions to be made for this team going a head, and at this point I think Woody will keep them both. It actually might be the correct move considering the changes that need to made to the roster.

Not likely? Impossible? Terrible scenario? Just last week I thought so, this week I’m not too sure. Let me know what you think! Let’s discuss this one. Just for the record, I believe a housecleaning should be done, I just don’t think we’re going to see it. Am I way off base? Let me have it in the comments section…I know a few of you will!