New York Jets QB Geno Smith: Why the Time is Now


The 2014 season has not exactly gone in the Jets favor, there have been close games, hard fought battles, but at the end of the day there is a 1 and 6 record that is nauseating every one in the Jets organization as well as every Jet fan. Geno Smith has unfairly taken a lot of flack for his inconsistent play, but he is not the lone culprit to the Jets woes this season. The offensive line has been inconsistent, the secondary is as patched together as can be, and there is a well documented lack of talented pass catchers.

There is probably nothing that can salvage the secondary at this point, but in a three week period the New York Jets might have found a solution to most of their problems. Since the disastrous outing in San Diego the members of the Jets offensive line have stepped their game up significantly. A look at Chris Ivory‘s stat line from the Patriots game shows this improvement. Hopefully this trend can continue and if it does it will give a young quarterback a quality running game as well as time to show what he can do in the passing game.

After a tight game in New England where the offense couldn’t convert red zone possessions into touchdowns, the Jets went out and traded for Percy Harvin. With the media criticizing every little nuance of the trade to death this move does seem to have some downside to it. However, at the end of the day this trade is a low risk move by the Jets. Percy Harvin is an explosive play-maker with the ball in his hands and his presence will force teams to plan for him. This will open up plays for Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and Jace Amaro. If Percy can stay healthy and not let the media get to him the Jets will have transformed a woefully under-talented receiving corp into a more than serviceable unit.

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With improved play from the offensive line, a stout running game and with solid talent at the wide receiver position, Geno is out of excuses. If the offense is unproductive but Geno plays mistake free maybe Marty Morninwheg can be blamed for play calling. However, if Geno continues to show either little growth or signs of regression he will be out of excuses. Once Harvin is up to speed with our system, and if the offensive line continues to play solid up front, this will be the first true opportunity for Smith to show the world what he’s got. Like Alan, I still believe in Geno.