Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets: Sunday NFL weather report


Week 6 is here and that means Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos come to town to face our New York Jets Sunday at 1 p.m..

So, what’s the weather going to be like Sunday at Met Life Stadium?

“Sunny, with a high near 63”.

Yet again, the weather conditions won’t have any effect on the game.

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So, how do the Jets shock the entire league and beat Peyton and the Broncos? It’s a tall order to say the least and after last week’s DISASTER of a game, it seems near impossible.

There are ways that it can happen: (I may sound like a broken record but…)

1. Eliminate the self inflecting the wounds: I present exhibit A of why the Jets stand with a 1-4 record. You can’t have stupid penalties. Not to sound like captain obvious but those turn positive momentum into negative momentum. And in the red zone, you leave points on the board that way. That can’t happen especially against Manning.

2. Complimentary football: Last I checked, football was the ultimate team game. With the offense sputtering, the defense and special teams have got to pick up the slack. This vaunted defense needs to start forcing turnovers and giving the offense short field and turning the TOs into points. It wouldn’t hurt to see the special teams unit convert kickoffs and punts into touchdowns.

3. The leaders of this team need to show themselves: One of the things you can’t deny is that early on in the Rex Ryan era, you knew who the leaders were. In 2009 and 2010, you knew who the leaders of those Jets teams were… where are they now? Guys like Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, David Harris need to step up and be the leaders. Make your teammates accountable for the what is going on. Get your house in order. Take it upon yourself and make some plays…

4. Control the time of possession: That offensive line needs to get nasty. Don’t let the Broncos d-line push you around and make some holes for Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson and Bilal Powell to run through. If one back has the hot hand, USE IT.

5. Better quarterback play: This is the biggest one of them all. Geno Smith needs to develop the thick skin and step up. Get your head in the game Geno and step your play.