Geno Smith Fined $12K, New York Jets Fans Need to Grow Up


Sep 28, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) walks off the field after the game against the Detroit Lions at MetLife Stadium. The Lions won 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

In case anyone missed it yesterday, Geno Smith did receive discipline from the league for shouting an expletive at a fan after Sunday’s loss to the Lions. The league fined Smith $12,000 for the outburst, the same amount that Johnny Manziel was fined for flipping the bird at the Washington Redskins’ bench. When asked about the situation, Rex Ryan didn’t discount the possibility of discipline from the team.

Make no mistake, this type of behavior cannot be accepted, and Smith deserved to be fined. But, we as fans need to grow up, and behave acceptably as well.

Being a ticket holder, season or otherwise, does not give you the right to attack a guy personally.

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Just because they are athletes and provide us with entertainment, that doesn’t mean these people actually WORK for us, ladies and gentlemen. Even if they did, attacking them personally is inappropriate. This is just as bad folks.

I understand what goes on at a football game. People drink (I don’t), they get loud, and say things. I have no problem with people booing players. None. I do it myself. Saying a player stinks is one thing. But when we start attacking them as people, we are crossing the line. Just because we think there are no repercussions, that doesn’t mean we have the right to provoke players. And clearly, Geno Smith was provoked into the action he committed.

How’s about this for a good reason? Why can’t we show ourselves to be good quality fans, Jet Nation! Why do we have to perform to the image other cities have of us? Let’s see if we can watch our team perform, without attacking our players, shall we? Despite the fact that the players can’t fight back, it doesn’t mean that a fan doesn’t deserve it.

And if you attack a player as a person, you deserve an expletive thrown at you. One word being all that Geno Smith used, is restrained.

Start watching our own behavior, folks. Maybe more of us would be willing to bring our kids to games.