Jet Nation is Riled Up About their New York Jets


Take a short trip around the internet sites covering the Jets and you will find that many Jets fans are riled up! The comment sections are full of disgruntled Jets fans, and they are venting their anger over the current roster! The local and national media are joining suit in their coverage, but from what I’ve seen and heard, this a fan based rebellion! Fans aren’t happy with the product that’s been put out on the field and they are letting the organization know how they feel! As always, the fan’s reaction has been varied, and the blame has been spread around. I thought we could look at a few points that Jets fans are making, and I could let you know where I stand, so let’s take a look!

Geno Smith Is To Blame: It seems many fans are laying all of the blame for this team’s struggles on the young QB. Fans chanted for Vick to be put in the game Sunday, and the sentiment seems to be growing. Many fans have seen enough of Geno apparently, they want him benched, and some even suggest giving up on him entirely to find another signal caller for 2015! While I’ll admit Smith’s play has lacked a lot to get excited about, he has gotten better. Yes, the mistakes in judgement are still there, and yeah the turnovers are killer, but he’s young and the Jets realized early on that they had a “project” on their hands.

Smith is a young QB and it takes time to develop a top QB in this league, give him a break, it’s not all his fault! The fact is, this team has struggled in many facets of the game, it’s not just one position and it surely isn’t one player! Vick is not the answer, though he may help short-term, but he offers nothing in terms of the future. Michael Vick is not going to stop the bleeding! The backup quarter back is everyone’s favorite player when things are going badly its been said, but it rarely works out very well. I’m still up in the air on Geno Smith, but it’s not his fault this team is 1-3.

Rex Ryan Should Be Fired: Many mainstream media outlets are claiming that Rex Ryan is on the “hot seat” in NY.  The fans are increasingly beginning to echo that sentiment. Some fans claim he should be fired if he fails to beat the Patriots in three weeks time, while other are still staunch Ryan supporters. If nothing else, the topic of firing Rex is enough to split the fan base, but he certainly is losing supporters in the comment sections these days! If you read my pieces, you already know I have never been a Ryan supporter as the HC of this team. I won’t rehash all the reasons here, but will simply say I agree with many of the fans that have had enough of Rex! Whether it be mid-season (doubtful) or at the end of the season, I think Idzik will need to re-evaluate Ryan’s performance, and ultimately let him go. Its been five years now and the Jets have little to show in terms of success during his tenure. Two AFC Championship games, four years ago, isn’t cutting it with me! 

Jun 17, 2014; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik (left) and coach Rex Ryan during minicamp at Atlantic Health Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

John Idzik Is To Blame: From what I’ve read, the fan base is rapidly becoming angry with the job John Idzik  has done as the GM of the Jets! They are attacking him on a multitude of fronts; the comments attack his draft strategies, his player selections, his handling of the media, and his free agency record! Fans are not happy with the 2014 version of the Jets and many are taking aim at John Idzik.  Many claim he should be fired. Others claim he is doing an awesome job. The latter group appears to be becoming the minority voice as of late.

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Most readers know I’m not a big Idzik  fan. I’m not going to rehash it all , but let’s just say I question his draft strategies and I wonder if he even has a free agency strategy. I’m not a fan, I tried, I really did. Last year at this time I was defending him against his early critics, I wanted to further understand the so-called “Idzik plan”, give it a chance. I’ve watched this team and wondered, why is this team so reminiscent of 2013? I now wonder if there is a plan! The Jets are a mess at this point, poor play and growing frustration in the locker room. I think a big pile of the blame falls in John Idzik’s lap.

Marty Mornhinweg’s  Play Calling: Since the beginning of the season, there have been some fans grumbling about the offensive coordinator. In some circles of fans, Marty’s play calling is too “cute”, in others its too conservative, in yet others “his system doesn’t work well with Rex’s ground and pound philosophy”. Everyone seems to have a reason to blame Marty it would appear. I also know that when an offense struggles, it’s very easy to blame the OC.  We’ve seen our share of offensive coordinators come and go over the years. Marty in my opinion is a great offensive coordinator. I live in Pennsylvania these days, and I watch my share of Eagles games, thus I became a fan of his. Marty is a creative guy, his version of the “west coast” offense is high-octane when you get it going. I think he will share in the blame, but to his credit, the Jets haven’t given him a bunch of talent to work with.

The Jets are 1-3, they have played poorly and the holes are apparent. The fan base is unhappy on many fronts and the finger-pointing is ongoing. Players are frustrated and tensions are high in Jet nation. By many predictions around the web the Jets will drop their fourth game in a row on Sunday against the Chargers. Will tensions grow? Is this team on the verge of an implosion? Will Rex take the fall? Are John Idzik’s days numbered? Let me hear what you think!