New York Jets Fans Endure Week 4 Loss


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Like many of us I watched Sunday’s game with hope and enthusiasm. The Jets needed to pull out a win against a tough team, and the fan base was behind them, at least for a little while. Jets fans are a fickle bunch, they are passionate about their team and they want to see them win! We are now four  games into the season, the Jets are 1-3, and the once highly enthusiastic fans are becoming frustrated with an underachieving team!  A three game losing streak is being carried into another tough game with the San Diego Chargers, and the fans and players are a bit frustrated. I have some views on this team, the loss and the fan reaction, so let’s take a look.

Geno Smith: Like it or not Jets fans, Geno Smith is your quarterback, and likely will remain in that position for the foreseeable future. Rex Ryan and John Idzik have both offered up their continuing support for the young signal caller. So, he’s the quarterback and we need to support him as well, the ridiculous chants for Michael Vick need to stop! This game was not lost due to inefficient QB play alone!! Why not chants for Oday Aboushi when Brian Winters plays poorly? Why no chants for Philip Adams when Darrin Walls gets toasted? Geno Smith is not the sole reason this team is loosing football games, let’s stop the nonsense!! I understand the frustrations, trust me, I’m right there with you, but the chants from the stands and the early departure of fans from the stadium only undermines a young guys confidence! Michael Vick is not going to save this team, the team needs to save itself!!

The Game: The key word for this game for this loss was “inconsistency”! The Jets played that way all afternoon! The defense was dominant at times, applying pressure to the quarterback and shutting down the Lions on one drive and then virtually disappearing on the next! The same could be said for the offense, though they showed a lot less consistency then the defense did. Winning teams play consistently, and on Sunday the Jets were anything but consistent!

The Team: Our Jets team currently is a mess! We have a frustrated young signal caller, who lashed out at the fan base Sunday! And a defensive lineman in Sheldon Richardson spouting off in a post game interview telling the fan base to “shut up”.  While not the end of the world, these two “incidents” are a clear indicator that the team is frustrated and losing confidence. Both of these guys need to tone it down a bit, while the fan base might have been out of line, they do pay good money for their tickets, and certainly shouldn’t be treated with disrespect from players! Rex Ryan has his work cut out for him leading up to the Chargers game; he somehow needs to straighten out this team before then!

The Secondary: Once again this group is the weakest link on the field. I’ve said it all along and I’ll say it again, you are not going to win many games with a secondary this porous! Allen and Walls have done a commendable job filling the roles they’ve been assigned, but the shortcomings become more apparent with each week. The last two games the Jets faced teams with injured #1 receivers, both Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson were non existent, and yet the Jets defense couldn’t stop the passing game!

They allowed Alshon Jeffery to go for 108 yards in the air in the Monday night loss, only to allow Golden Tate to top that with 118 yards on Sunday! Then you have the issue of covering tight ends, though this is not a new development, as it has been an ongoing weakness of the Jets for several years now!  Martellus Bennett had a big game against the Jets on Monday night, catching two touchdowns, and rookie Eric Ebron had his best game as a pro on Sunday, making six catches and scoring a touchdown himself. Can someone on this team please step up and cover a tight end for a change!! Somehow the Jets organization needs to fix this secondary!! Hopefully the injury to Calvin Pryor isn’t serious, as Josh Bush is a poor substitute.

Odds and Ends: Find someone to cover a tight end, David Harris can’t stay with them! Where were our tight ends? Jace Amaro had five catches for 58 yds, which is nice to see, but the tight end position was supposed to be a strength of this team! They need to be more involved! The red zone offense has been horrible! As I said last week, nothing frustrates me more then watching a drive stall in the red zone! David Nelson went down with an injury and didn’t return, if serious, the Jets will likely need help from the practice squad. I don’t see much promise there, but at least we’ll get to see a little bit of what Idzik is calling the future of our receiving corps.

Overall, the loss this week was disappointing. The game was played sloppily, and the end result was another heart wrenching loss. The Jets have now dropped three in a row, and the road ahead is still a rough ride! Can they clean it up and win against the Chargers? Will the chants from the stands continue to undermine the confidence of Geno Smith? Can Rex Ryan regroup his team in time to make the playoffs? Let me hear it from the fan base! What do you think?