Is John Idzik Waiting for the Perfect Opportunity?


The New York Jets entered the 2014 off-season with glaring needs at a plethora of positions and a good chunk of change to work with to fill those needs. Unfortunately, many Jets fans slowly watched and waited only to see one of the most unexciting off-seasons of any NFL team. Sure the team needed a wide receiver, and they arguably got the best one available at the time when they signed Eric Decker to a long-term deal. However, outside of Decker, Idzik did not do much to sign big name young talent. Some would argue that Michael Vick and Chris Johnson were high-profile signings, and to some extent they are, but neither are in the prime of their careers. Furthermore, with one of the most glaring needs for the Jets being cornerback, the front office signed a man with many questions in Dimitri Patterson, while letting every big name free agent CB slip them by.

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Idzik has done a good job of taking this team out of a salary cap nightmare and into a fiscally responsible team with the tools to build for the future. So why is Idzik being so patient, does he see something special in next years free agents, did he see issues with this past years market, or is he biding his time for a whole different reason? The biggest obstacle in the Jets path to the AFC East has nothing to do with their roster or their overly brutal schedule next season.  The biggest obstacle is the New England Patriots, quarterbacked by future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. Brady has made that team a perennial contender and playoff presence, and until he retires, or has a serious decline in play, the AFC East title will almost certainly remain out of reach for any other team.

Is Idzik waiting to pounce on the opportunity Tom Brady’s departure will provide? This would explain a lot if it turns out to be the case, as it would explain a lot of Idzik’s tempered approach to managing this team thus far. By holding off on any further big name acquisitions, Idzik leaves himself room to do so in the future, targeting a free agent class entering the prime of their career as Brady is exiting his. By doing so Idzik would be dropping the hammer and proclaiming his intent for the Jets to be the future dominant team in the AFC East. What do you think? Is Idzik playing the waiting game and if so do you approve?