Rex Ryan: “We want to be great and everything we do is that way”


Aug 4, 2014; Cortland, NY, USA; Former NFL coach Mike Westhoff (left) and New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan (right) walk out to the field prior to the start of training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan is entering his sixth season as head coach of the New York Jets. We all know that we can debate the merits of Rex Ryan as a head coach. One thing that isn’t debatable is Ryan’s ability to say what he thinks. It runs in the family, Rex is no different.

Ryan was asked if he is ever afraid of his words being misinterpreted, and here was his response:

I’m not afraid of it. Because, I just sit up here like every other coach and say nothing. But, I’m not afraid. I’ll put it out there. I believe in this football team. I believe in this organization. There’s no question about that. But do I have to say that, ‘Hey, I guarantee that we’re going to win a Super Bowl.” I don’t need to say that. I don’t gain anything by it, but is it a goal of this organization to be a world champion? Of course. That’s what we do. If you look at the facilities that we have back home, you look at the facilities here. We travel here and look at these grass facilities that we have out here. We (have) the best of best. There’s nobody that’s practicing on a better practice facility than we are. That just shows you a little about the commitment that this organization has to be the best. If we wanted to be average, that field would look average. We want to be great and everything we do is that way, its first rate all the way. So again, of course we want to win, period.

How much does winning a Super Bowl drive the coach?

I think if you’re any kind of competitor you want to be the best. One time you want to be the best, there’s no question. There’s not a coach in the league that wouldn’t to be standing there, well at least I hope not, or I’d like to play him, that doesn’t want to be that. This is the highest level there is and by now you kind have weeded out the ones that don’t feel that way. This is the men’s league, it’s not for everybody. If you don’t want to be a champion, you’re not going to be. It’s safe to say nobody’s going to be a champion if they’re like, “Well, eh, maybe I’d like to or whatever.“ No way. That’s got to be why you play the game, because you do want to be the best. Certainly, I want to be the best and I know everybody in this organization feels the same way I do.

Rex will always be who he is. Changing will not be a positive for the Jets, because if he isn’t acting like himself off the field, he won’t be in his comfort zone while coaching on it. Just do your best to enjoy the ride.