Brian Baldinger Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select…….


We are just under two weeks away from the start of the 2014 NFL Draft, live from Radio City Music Hall. As such, we continue with the analysis from around the league as we come to conclusions as the wait comes to a close. Tonight, we look at another mock draft from the experts around the league.

This one is interesting for a few reasons, as you will see.

Tonight’s draft is one from Brian Baldinger. We have all seen Brian and his work if we watch the NFL Network. He appears on the “Playbook” program, among others. He will make appearances on many of the shows around the network, as well as doing analysis for FOX games during the season.

He has released his first mock draft of the season. Let’s see who he has for the Jets at number 18:


Rex Ryan collects corners because his defense doesn’t work if they can’t lock up. The Jets have lost Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis in back-to-back years. Wide receiver can wait until Round 2.

Take a look at his entire mock by clicking here.

So what do we think?  There has been a big ground swell for this type of move from some factions of the Jets’ fan base.  It’s an understandable feeling.  There are few that are confident in the players that are on the roster at the cornerback position.  Not many feel that the Jets have the player on the roster that can start this upcoming season.  So, the Jets would have to take to the draft to fill the void, no?

We have talked about this before, but, my opinion?  No!  Absolutely not.

The Jets need dynamic players on offense, and in great quantities.  This is a fact not in dispute.  Even if we take a look at this particular scenario, and see that Eric Ebron is long off the board, my mind still does not change here.  There are players like Marqise Lee and Brandin Cooks available at this spot.  Game changers on offense are what the Jets need.  And they need them fast.

Don’t forget about Rex Ryan’s ability to teach as well.  He would do a lot more with a mid-draft cornerback, than Marty and the offense will do with a middle of the road player at WR.  Talk to everyone after Stephen Hill drops some passes this year, if he makes the team.

To me, there are just too many playmakers available for the Jets to pass up.  Despite the logic to take a cornerback, I still say you have to go offense.  Some are going to disagree with me, some already have and expressed so at the website.  Please sound off in the comments and tell us what you are thinking on this subject.

I bring this draft to your attention as well because of a couple of other interesting moments.  Follow the link to Brian’s draft once more, and take a look at it.  Somebody is missing.  Who is it?

Teddy Bridgewater.  He has Bridgewater falling out of the round entirely.  Baldinger probably isn’t the only one who thinks so, thanks to a bad Pro Day.  Baldinger has also moved Johnny Manziel far lower than most other draft writers.  According to Baldinger, Manziel falls all the way to #26 of the draft to Cleveland.

Comment on the quarterbacks in this round as well.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear it.