How the New York Jets backfield might work next season


The New York Jets have added a potentially dynamic weapon in the running game by signing 28 year old Chris Johnson. Much speculation has gone around of how much is left in the tank and how well he will be able to bounce back from the knee injury that bogged him down last season. Whatever the answer to those questions may be lets just assume that he can come back fairly strong, what will that mean for our standout back from last season, Chris Ivory.

This is of course just my idea of how things can work but I see a way the Jets might utilize the two dynamic backs, along with the reliable Bilal Powell. Chris Ivory has proven to be a bruiser, a yards after contact kind of guy. He is a hard hitter on every play and although not the most illusive, defensive players must pay a physical price to bring him down. Johnson is the speed guy, he just needs an opening and he is a threat to take it to the house. Bilal Powell is the reliable backup who comes in to give guys a breather.

Between these three this is my idea of how they can be utilized to gain the full advantages of each. On the first drive of a game the Jets could primarily use Chris Ivory, letting him wear down that D line as well as giving either Geno Smith or Michael Vick a chance to get things going in the passing game. After the first drive of the game I would start shifting the work load to Chris Johnson on first and second downs. For short yardage and goal line situations I would use Ivory and Bilal Powell. By the second quarter of each half The Jets could then switch to using some read option looks, seeing as either quarterback would have to be accounted for.

As I said this is just one idea, my idea, of how things could be divided next season in the Jets backfield. One thing is for certain a good running game forces defenses to play honest up front and opens up passing lanes. Some will notice I left out any mention of Mike Goodson, this is for good reason of course as his future with the Jets is up in the air as of now for off the field issues as well as injury concerns. However, if he can come back healthy and the legal issues can be cleared up Goodson could provide good depth in what could potentially be a devastating backfield.