Top 10 reasons why DeSean Jackson could end up a Jet


With Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson‘s name swirling around in trade rumors, we decided to make a list of the top ten reasons why he could/should be a Jet.

10. WR1 hole left by release of Santonio Holmes

Although the Jets signed former Bronco’s wide receiver Eric Decker, the team still lacks a number one receiver. Adding a player like DeSean Jackson would do two things: 1 – give the Jets a number one receiver (debatable) and 2 – replace the role that Santonio Holmes played under Marty Mornhinweg… Whether that’s an X or Y receiver is irrelevant. Jackson played the same role under his former coach as an Eagle.

9. Punt return specialist

DeSean Jackson is a mean punt returner. The one return that comes to mind is his walk-off punt return to beat the Giants. I don’t think anyone forgets that play (Miracle at the Meadowlands II).

The Jets could use an electrifying returner like Jackson. Even if he doesn’t reach the end zone the entire season, the field position alone would be a huge boost for the special teams and offense.

8. Ability to stretch the field

Being a number one receiver isn’t important unless you’re a player like Calvin Johnson. For other dominant wide receivers, like Jackson, it’s just a label. DeSean can take the top off the defense, as some like to say. He can stretch the field, which would really help Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, and others get open on the underneath routes. Jackson is the type of player that defensive coaches stress about. You might have heard the term, “He keeps a coach up at night”. This is exactly what DeSean Jackson does. The entire offense benefits from Jackson’s presence, alone.

7. Good $ spent for the Jets (excluding the headaches)

Jackson is durable for the most part. Besides being a pain in the butt, Jackson would be a solid purchase by John Idzik. If a restructured deal or signing by the Jets allows the team to walk away from Jackson, similar to his current deal, it’s well worth the risk. When you weigh risk vs. reward, it’s a no brainer.

6.  Explosive plays

As I stated earlier, Jackson has big play ability. This is something the Jets offense really lacked last season.

They ranked 31st in the league in passing. Adding DeSean Jackson and Eric Decker, not to mention a potential draft pick (Eric Ebron), looks like a great makeover for a team that desperately needs change on the offensive side of the ball. Eric Decker will bring size, Jermey Kerley will bring shiftiness, and DeSean Jackson brings explosiveness.

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5. Jets team-needs heading into NFL Draft, May 8th.

The Jets currently have needs at the wide receiver, tight end, cornerback, safety, and outside linebacker. The rest of the needs are debatable among the fans. If you take wide receiver out of the equation, it allows the Jets to take a different need in the first 3-4 rounds. If the Jets could add or acquire DeSean Jackson, it would eliminate the necessity to draft a wide receiver in the first round. Although there’s a large price tag for Jackson, it gets the Jets that much closer as a team. You’ve got to think, with 12 draft picks, the Jets will likely hit on 7-8 of them (at least). That means some will be starters, in positions in which the Jets are currently weak in.

4. Playing for Rex Ryan; Familiarity with OC Marty Mornhinweg

We saw Michael Vick follow his former offensive coordinator to the Jets. He is familiar with this offense, as is Jackson. Also, Vick said that he always wanted to play for Rex Ryan, and now he gets to. A lot of players around the league feel this way. It may not seem this way, with Revis choosing Belichick over Ryan, but that’s one player. I believe Rex Ryan and DeSean Jackson would get along well. Rex likes to fire his guys up, especially top weapons like Santonio Holmes or DeSean Jackson. I could see Jackson being a nice compliment to Rex Ryan’s coaching style.

3. Jets flexibility with abundance of draft picks (12)

With the NFL announcing the compensatory picks for the upcoming NFL Draft, the Jets

got wind that they will be rewarded four compensatory draft picks. They will receive one fourth round pick, and three sixth round picks. That gives the Jets a total of twelve draft picks. If you’re John Idzik, you have a lot of picks to play with. Assuming the Eagles don’t release Jackson, the Jets have the draft picks AND the cap space to make a trade; unlike other teams ala the Patriots, 49’ers, and the Panthers.

2. Jackson, Decker, Kerley trio

The possibility of adding a DeSean Jackson, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley trio has Jets Nation excited.

It would allow the Jets to take cornerback or tight end like Eric Ebron in round 1, to give the Jets a very dangerous offense (or at least it’d look that way on paper).

‘The Flight Boys 2.0’ would help Owner Woody Johnson put butts in the seats. An explosive offense is exciting. I for one, would be pumped to see this offense go to work at Metlife Stadium. Excluding PSL’s and ticket costs, you get the point. The Jets haven’t had an offense as explosive as this one would be, in a very long time. It’s up to Woody to give Idzik the push, to go get this guy. If it comes from the owner to sell tickets, so be it.

The fact is, the Jets offense would be fun to watch for years to come. DeSean Jackson is 27, Eric Decker is 26, Jeremy Kerley is 25, and Geno Smith is 23.

1. Michael Vick

It’s been well documented how Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson are close friends. Jackson uploaded a few videos just days ago, of the two playing for the Eagles. He consistently refered to the two as, “7-10”. That could change if Geno Smith keeps number 7, but the connection would live on. If Jackson ends up being cut, Vick could be a crucial x-factor for the Jets in the recruiting process. This is the number one reason DeSean Jackson could end up a Jet for a reason. He loves Mike Vick. I’m sure he’d love to reunite with his buddy, just up the turnpike, as a New York Jet!

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