Super Bowl 48: Prop Bets


Jan 29, 2014; New York, NY, USA; General of Super Bowl XLVIII beanies at Macy

The big game from MetLife stadium is just a bit over 48 hours away. The Seahawks and the Broncos have completed the “Road to MetLife Stadium”. Will it be Peyton Manning and the Broncos, or Russell Wilson and the Seahawks? We are just two days away from finding out.

We all know that the fun part of our Super Bowl parties, besides the game and the food, is the betting! Everyone has had fun through the years trying their luck with squares, hoping the score ends in their favor to take hope a portion of the pot.

But what about the fun bets? The bets such as who is going to score first? Will there be a shutout by either side? Those are the prop bets, that make our interest in the game that much more fun, simply because of the topics being bet on.

Well, courtesy of our friends at “Big Blue View”, part of the SB Nation network, we have 48 prop bets for you, to make the afternoon/evening even more interesting. Here we go:

Percentage Chance

1. 10 percent chance there will be a score in the first 90 seconds of the game (Yes +850 | No -1600)

2. 12 percent chance, IF Denver wins, Peyton Manning retires before Game 1of next year (Yes +700 | No -1500)

3. 13 percent chance the game will go into overtime (Yes +650 | No -900)

4. 19 percent chance Richard Sherman gets a taunting penalty during the game (Yes +400 | No -700)

5. 23 percent chance Percy Harvin is knocked out of the game by injury (Yes +300 | No -500)

50/50 Props

6. Will there be a score in the first 6.5 minutes of the game?

7. Will player who scores first touchdown have a jersey number above or below 79.5?

8. What will be mentioned more: Denver’s #1 offense OR Seattle’s #1 defense?

9. Will any Red Hot Chili Peppers member be shirtless during the performance?

Over/Under Props

10. Over/Under for Renee Fleming to sing the National Anthem: 2 minutes and 23 seconds

11. Over/Under for longest made field goal of the game: 43.5 yards

12. Over/Under for net yards by both teams combined: 702.5 yards

Times Shown On TV

13. Eli Manning: over/under 1.5 times (Over -140 | Under +100)

14. Archie Manning: over/under 1 time (Over -160 | Under +120)

15. 54 percent chance Erin Andrews will be shown before Pam Oliver after kickoff

Times Mentioned During Broadcast

16. “12th Man”: over/under 2 times (Over +100 | Under -140)

17. “Beast Mode”: over/under 2 times (Over +110 | Under -150)

18. 21 percent chance announcers say “Marijuana” during the game (Yes +350 | No -600)

Big Payoff Props

19. Seattle OR Denver shutout: 50/1

20. Seattle OR Denver score exactly two-points: 2500/17 or less points combined scored in Super Bowl: 200/1

21. Seattle scores 50 or more points: 30/1

22. Denver scores 50 or more points: 25/1

From Bovada

23. Will it snow during the game?

Yes +300 (3/1) | No -500 (1/5])

24. What will be the temperature at Kickoff?

Over/Under 34 degrees Fahrenheit

25. What will be the lowest temperature during the game?

Over/Under 31 degrees Fahrenheit

26. Will the power go out in the stadium during the game?

Yes 25/1

27. How long will it take Renee Fleming to sing the US National Anthem?

Over 2 minutes 30 seconds EVEN (1/1)Under 2 minutes 30 seconds -140 (5/7)

28. Will Renee Fleming forget or omit at least 1 word of the official US National Anthem?

Yes +250 (5/2)No -400 (1/4)

29. Will Renee Fleming wear gloves when she starts singing the US National Anthem?

Yes -200 (1/2)No +150 (3/2)

30. If Renee Fleming wears gloves when she starts singing US National Anthem what color will they be?

White 5/4Black 3/2Red 4/1Any Other Color 3/1

31. Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the singing of the National Anthem?

Yes +400 (4/1)No -700 (1/7)

32. How many times will Peyton Manning say “Omaha” during the game?

Over/Under 27½

33. How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV during the game?

Over/Under 2½

34. How many times will Eli Manning be shown on TV during the game?

Over/Under 3½

35. Which coach will be mentioned first by name after kickoff?

Pete Carroll -110John Fox -110

36. Will Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers play a song on stage at the same time?

Yes -200 (1/2)No +150 (3/2)

37. Which song will Bruno Mars perform first?

Treasure 2/1Grenade 5/2Locked Out Of Heaven 3/1Just The Way You Are 6/1Marry You 7/1The Lazy Song 10/1Gorilla 10/1

38. What will Bruno Mars be wearing on his head at the start of his Half Time performance?

Fedora 2/3No hat 2/1Fur Hat 5/1Tuque 8/1

39. Will the Halftime show break the record for most watched ever (Record Madonna 114 million viewers)

Yes +150 (3/2)No -200 (1/2)

40. Who will Barack Obama pick to win the game?

Seattle Seahawks -110Denver Broncos -110

41. Will Richard Sherman be interviewed on field after the game by Erin Andrews on the live FOX broadcast and shown on TV?

Yes -110No -110

42. What Color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?

Clear/Water 2/1Orange 3/1Yellow 3/1Red 5/1Blue 7/1Green 10/1

43. What will the TV Rating be for the Super Bowl?

Over/Under Nielsen Rating 47½

44. Will Richard Sherman be interviewed on field after the game on the live FOX broadcast?

Yes -110No -110

45. Will either team successfully convert a 4th down attempt?

Yes (4th Down Converted) -200 (1/2)No (4th Down Converted) +160 (8/5)

46. Will Michael Crabtree mention Richard Sherman in a tweet during the Super Bowl from kickoff until final whistle?

Yes +150 (3/2)No -200 (1/2)47. Will the announcers refer to Russell Wilson being drafted in the MLB?

Yes +150 (3/2)No -200 (1/2)

48. Who will the Super Bowl MVP of the mention first in his speech?

Teammates 2/1God 5/2Fans 5/1Other Team or Player on Other Team 7/1Coach 12/1Family 12/1Owner 25/1Does not mention any of the above 4/1

Have fun everybody!