Possible Landing spots for Mark Sanchez


According to reports yesterday Mark Sanchez might have a home if and when he is cut by the Jets this off-season. This is a testament to how thin the QB market is and perhaps a sign of lack of faith in the next QB draft class. So where are the most logical landing spots for the embattled QB, let’s take a look:

St Louis Rams: This to me is the most obvious landing spot for Mark even though it would likely be as a backup to the injury prone Sam Bradford. The Rams have been big fans of former Jets talent in past seasons as evidenced by Kellen Clemens and Brian Schottenheimer. Mark is familiar with Schotty’s system and therefore could be a good fit here even though as I said it likely won’t be as a starter.

Jacksonville Jaguars:This is a very obvious choice seeing as how bad their streak of luck at the quarterback position has been. Niether Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert have shown the potential to be a franchise quarterback and Mark could come in as a veteran starter to help transition to the next guy, whomever it may be.

Houston Texans: With Matt Schaub leaving as bad a taste in Texans fans mouths as Sanchez has left in Jet fans mouths he will likely not earn his starting spot back anytime soon. Case Keenum was underwhelming as a replacement to say the least and doesn’t show enough promise to be a starting quarterback in this league going forward. Mark could find success here with a strong offensive line and a power run game to back him up.

Cleveland Browns: Through a carousel of quarterbacks the Browns have shown a dynamic style in play calling pulling out all stops to win. This season in went through Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell. Campbell earned the spot due to injury and while Hoyer showed flashes he was also very mistake prone. Sanchez could provide veteran stability and help teach these guys or transition to the next guy down the line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman‘s time here is now over, and Mike Glennon turned out to be a serviceable replacement. However, he could use the tutelage of an older QB who’s played in some big games to bring him along. Sanchez could end up being the starter here until Glennon is ready to take the reins or someone better comes along in the draft.

The fact that this many teams could use Mark Sanchez shows just how hard it is to find quality talent in this position. Whats even crazier to think is how sub par the quarterback play of these teams has been when they all have legitimate play-makers. Tampa has Vincent Jackson, the Rams have Tayvon Austin, the Jaguars have Justin Blackmon, Houston has Andre Johnson, and the Browns have Josh Gordon who had a phenomenal season. Even with all this talent the QB’s mentioned above have struggled, perhaps the chemistry never worked out, perhaps these guys are just that raw. Whatever the case may be Sanchez could provide a welcome change of pace for any of these teams.