New York Jets’ New Year’s Resolutions


With Christmas behind us it is time to focus on New Years. New Years is a time to start anew, to work on the areas we are weak in and to add to our strengths. Just like all of us I’m sure the Jets have some resolutions of their own. Let’s try and imagine what some of these resolutions might be.

John Idzik’s resolution maybe to be more flexible in his grand plan. While he did a good job last offseason adding Richardson, Milliner and Smith in the draft and Chris Ivory, Willie Colon, Leger Douzable, Dawan Landry, David Nelson, Kellen Winslow and Zach Sudfeld either off waivers or on a very inexpensive deal, the plan this offseason is to use the $40 million in cap space and up to 12 draft picks to fill in the other holes on the team as well as build depth. Where he needs to be flexible is head coach. Coming into the job Rex Ryan was thrust upon him for a year and was considered a lame duck by most probably giving way to an offensive mind such as Darrell Bevell of Idzik’s former team the Seattle Seahawks. Will Idzik have the flexibility to do what is right for the franchise which is keeping Rex Ryan or will he be hell bent on hiring “his guy” with Bevell?

Rex Ryan’s resolution is to be employed but assuming he is Rex needs to resolve to continue to let go off the offensive reigns to Marty Mornhinweg. The last month of the season Geno Smith has made strides with his decision-making and ball security helped by having Jeremy Kerley back, a good running game with Chris Ivory taking the pressure off of Smith, and a resurgent offensive line keeping him upright. The offense is bereft of playmakers other than Ivory and Kerley and that will be remedied this offseason as will the depth on the offensive line. The last time the Jets had a competent offense in 2010 they threw it more than 50% of the time and Rex backed off on ground and pound with the result being an 11-5 record and a second straight trip to the AFC Championship Game. Unlike Brian Schottenheimer and Tony Sparano, Rex Ryan can feel comfortable in leaving the offense in the hands of Marty Mornhinweg who perennially has top-10 offenses.

Geno Smith’s resolution should be to fix his mechanical flaws in the offseason. Smith has come a long way since coming out of a shotgun only system at West Virginia into a very difficult system to learn in the West Coast offense. Smith still needs to work on his footwork both in his drops from center, especially playaction skills. He has to work on the depth of his drops, his timing of the drops and how that affects timing patterns that he is late throwing. He also needs to work on accuracy which should come from fixing his mechanics. Making quicker reads, moving his eyes to see the field and look off defenders and checking down more often are some other areas for improvement.

These are just a few individual resolutions as a team I sure everyone is on the same page that the only resolution that matters is to get back in the playoffs and take the steps necessary to become a championship contender once again. Resolutions are only good if you follow through on them. Will they have the willpower to follow through? Only time will tell.