New York Jets’ 2014 NFL Draft Preview- Alabama Edition


Normally every week for the past few months, I have written about three players who i feel would be a good fit for the New York Jets, and players who I believe should be targeted by the Jets come the NFL Draft next year. While i still will be naming three players, i decide to change it up a little bit. From now on, i will be naming three players on a specific college team who i feel would help. This weeks team is the always powerful Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama is always loaded with talent, and last year the Jets used their first round pick on Alabama corner back Dee Milliner. Here are three players who I feel would be a big help to the Jets.

S Ha-Ha Clinton- Dix- The Jets secondary has had a rough year. Numerous times this season has a receiver taken the top off the Jets defense and scored a 50+ yard touchdown. While some of the blame obviously is on the corners, the safeties certainly need to step up their game as well. Antonio Allen has shown great potential and promise, and Josh Bush and Jaiquawn Jarrett provide good depth, but the team still needs help. This is where Clinton- Dix comes into the picture. The safety is a great pass defender, and has great instincts for the ball. He also has great cover skills, which would be a huge for the Jets who struggle against stopping the tight end.

S- Vinnie Sunseri- Sunseri is another safety from Alabama. If you have watched Alabama over the years, you have heard the name Vinnie Sunseri come up quite often on the defensive side of the ball. Sunseri does not really shine in any one area, but he is solid in all parts of the game as a safety. Sunseri can come up and stop the run, or stay back and help in coverage. While he is not on the same level as Clinton-Dix, Sunseri could be a good option for the Jets later in the draft, if he decides to forgo his senior season.

QB AJ McCarron- This is where things may get interesting. Geno Smith has shown flashes of being a solid NFL QB, but has been wildly inconsistent. Do the Jets look to bring in another young QB to compete for the starting job with Smith? If so, McCarron would be a good place to look. He is a proven winner, who has led the Crimson Tide to two national championships. AJ is a solid QB, who is very accurate, but needs to work on his arm strength.

These are three players from the Alabama Crimson Tide who may interest the Jets. Look for next week’s article about three players from Ohio State who I feel would be good fits for the Jets. As always, thanks for reading.