Geno Smith on Lack of Downfield Passing Game


Nov 24, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) reacts in the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

The Jets’ offense…….oh the Jets’ offense. What is there left to say about them? One TD in their last 31 possessions, and I saw a stat that Geno Smith has completed 25 passes in the month of November. Pretty putrid if you ask me. If we have a shot at that wild card spot, some points need to be scored, and soon.

The biggest difference of late has been the lack of downfield passing. Geno Smith has been efficient at it, when the opportunities have been there, but as we said, the month of November has not been kind. Geno talked about that yesterday when he met with the media. He was asked what he thinks is preventing them from going downfield:

Just shuffling parts, it’s the NFL, we have guys that are injured, we have guys coming back off injuries. The precision is huge especially when you talk about lower percentage passes like those ones going down field. It’s something we’ve been working on. I don’t think we’ve shied away from it or gotten away from it, I just think we haven’t executed it as well as we’ve done in the past. I think we have to get back to executing better, it’s something we’ve been emphasizing as players, we’re taking it upon ourselves and being accountable, (we) just want to go out there and play better.

He feels it comes down to execution:

We’ve taken shots and like I said, early on in the season I hate to talk about the past, but early on, we we’re more precise and that starts with me. As of late, I think we’ve kind of just haven’t hit them as much as we did early on in the season. So, it just comes back to us executing better and just being confident. Like I told the guys, I’m always going to be confident in them and I’m always going give them that opportunity to go up and get the ball and if I put it in some better spots for them, I think they’ll come down with it. So, I’ve just got to be more precise with my throws, see it a little bit better, get the ball out of my hands quicker and I’m pretty sure those guys will come down with it.

Geno does not think the coaches are deliberately staying away from it. They take their shots, but it comes down to better execution earlier in the season.

Personally, Geno seems to have lost confidence on the field. Despite what he says, he doesn’t look confident in what he is doing, which is why he should sit. But if he is not going to sit, let him air it out. It’s their only choice.