New York Jets’ Week 11 Report Card


Nov 17, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Manny Lawson (91) tackles New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jets 37-14. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

No real introduction needed here, we know what happened yesterday. Time to get to the grades from the debacle in Buffalo.

QUARTERBACKS: D The only reason this wasn’t an “F” is because Matt Simms had limited success coming off the bench. Geno Smith? No real success today. 8-23 for 103 yards and three interceptions would qualify as a game to forget about as soon as possible. Geno looked scared, yesterday. He didn’t appear to have a firm grasp of what was going on, and he threw three bad interceptions.

Not exactly a performance that Geno will be telling his grandkids about someday.

RUNNING BACKS: C When they had the chance to play, the running backs played well. The Jets did net an average of 5.8 yards per rush. Bilal Powell ran the ball five times for 27 yards, and Chris Ivory added 15 carries for 98 yards and the late touchdown. The trouble was, the team got too far behind to stick with the running game.

WIDE RECEIVERS AND TIGHT ENDS: D Other than Santonio Holmes, nobody did a good job during that game of, doing something very basic. GETTING OPEN! By the end of the game, Geno was looking for Santonio, and only Santonio, because nobody else was getting any separation. Holmes posted 71 yards receiving, nobody else posted more than 32. Bad job.

OFFENSIVE LINE: D This group did not look either, just like everyone else. They did open holes on the ground, but that was far trumped by the fact that Geno Smith was running for his life all afternoon. They could not stop anyone, which is unlike the Jets’ offensive line usually. All in all, a bad day for Marty Mornhinweg’s group.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B- The best grade of the day goes to these guys for being stout against the run as always. They gave up only 1.8 yards per carry on the ground. When you are facing C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson, this is an accomplishment. The part that wasn’t an accomplishment was leaving a clean E.J. Manuel all game long. He’s not Brett Favre but was allowed to look like him.

LINEBACKERS: C- The linebackers didn’t really affect the game, at least in my opinion, one way or the other. They were there. Nobody in the group make a particular mistake, but nobody stood out making any impact plays either, so the grade is a “C-”

DEFENSIVE BACKS: F These guys were bad, just plain bad. Ed Reed made a nice play against the run, but nobody went near him with the football to give him a chance to make a big play. Antonio Cromartie is getting beaten like a drum, again. Something is wrong when he tries to pedal backwards. Something isn’t right. And Dee Milliner, despite making one play, still stinks. These guys need to get better.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B- Nobody could have expected Folk to make that kick with wind houling that strong. That was an impossible position, but he is still the “FOlk Hero” to all of us.