NFL Picks Week 11 2013 Season


Nov 10, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) warms up before game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s time for the picks. Last week was not a good week, as we fell back to a common place for 2013, below .500. After a 1-2 finish last week, our record dropped back to 14-15-1. We were almost swept out for the week, but Brian Schottenheimer and the Rams coming through for us.

So, let’s hit the picks for week 11, in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! Here we go……

EAGLES -4 OVER THE REDSKINS: We start this week in Philadelphia with the Eagles, and their red-hot offense led by their red-hot quarterback, Nick Foles. How can we argue with ten touchdown passes over the last two weeks? Chip Kelly’s offense has started to finally look like the offense that everyone was expecting. Quick, and can get down the field.

I am an RGIII guy, love to watch him play. Furthermore, I have always been a guy that cheers for Shanahan teams. They always can run the football, even if it’s a guy of the street carrying the football. But, the Eagles are just going to well for this one. Take the……..

Eagles -4 over the Redskins

SAINTS -3.5 OVER THE 49ERS: We head down to the Bayou for a no-brainer to end all no-brainers. New Orleans is at home, where we all know they are world-beaters. They score eight zillion points at home. The crowd noise is crazy, you can’t operate there. Drew Brees has so many weapons, that you can’t just stop them all. Couple that with the fact that Kaepernick has had quite the sophomore jinx, and this one is easy. Take the…….

Saints -3.5 over the 49ers


Then we have the interesting one, flexed into Sunday night action. Peyton Manning and his tweaked high ankle sprain are in action on Sunday night, sporting their 8-1 record. They host probably the top feel-good story of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs. How can part of you not support these guys? You have as good of a guy in the sport in Andy Reid, and he brought Alex Smith here from San Fran. The two of them have basically taken last season’s worst team in the league to a 9-0 record to date.

And the WAY they have gotten it done has been impressive, allowing opponents to score barely 12 points per game. You don’t need an offense to light up the world when your defense is that good.

So who is going to come put on top? Well, they say that good defense beats good offense. However, scoring over 40 points per game, don’t tell that to the Broncos’ offense. But, the Chiefs’ defense has been good in ways that the Broncos are vulnerable. Specifically, with the pass rush. The Chiefs are averaging four sacks per game, leading the league with 36 sacks to date. Manning has been sacked eight times in the last three games.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying the Chiefs are going to win. But they aren’t losing by more than seven. Take the……..

Chiefs +7.5 over the Broncos

So there you have it, your three picks for week number 11:

Eagles -4 over the RedskinsSaints -3.5 over the 49ersChiefs +7.5 over the Broncos

Enjoy the games my friends!