Guys Who Need to Step Up in the Second Half for the 2013 New York Jets


Nov 3, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie (31) returns an interception against the New Orleans Saints during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As we prepare for life after the bye, we have been looking back at some great moments from the first half of the year, and we are still doing so, please be sure to follow. But, not everyone is making great moments.

There are a few guys that have needed to step up, actually. I am talking about guys that have been underperforming, and are important. These are players that need to step up in the second half if the Jets are going to make a run at a playoff berth.

I have three:

ANTONIO CROMARTIE: You have heard me more than once through this forum talking about my belief that Antonio Cromartie is hurt. His burst isn’t the same, his movement isn’t the same, and he is spending a lot of 2013 getting beaten like a drum.

He finally did pick up his first interception of the year against the Patriots a couple of weeks ago. But he hasn’t been the same. Whether he is hurt or not, he is out there, so Cro needs to find the ability to be “Good Cro” once again, for the Jets to have any chance.

D’BRICKASHAW FERGUSON: The decrease in play as not been all “Brick’s” fault. Don’t get me wrong, he is getting beaten badly as well. Did anyone reading this ever think that for any stretch, Austin Howard would be the better tackle than D’Brickashaw.

Part of the problem is the guy that has been next to him. First it was Valdimir Ducasse. We know what he was. A guy that couldn’t play offensive line to say his life. And now he plays with a rookie next to him. I’m not saying that he can’t concentrate, I’m saying the natural thing would be to try help the person next to him.

The trouble is, when you do that, you take attention from the guy you are playing against, and that means you have thrown off the rhythm of the entire offense. Everything starts with the offensive line, and if they aren’t playing well, get ready to duck.

STEPHEN HILL: On a team that is void of a lot of natural weapons, every weapon that they DO have must perform to their potential. I know that Stephen Hill is young, but when does the improvement start to come? He is so talented, but he just doesn’t get consistent separation. With his speed, he would be such a threat it’s not even funny. But he’s got to do it.