John Idzik: Finally Emerges to Address the Fans & Media


Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The enigmatic New York Jets general manager John Idzik addressed the media yesterday for the first time in what seems like a lifetime. One can surmise that the bye week and huge upset win against the New Orleans Saints provided the perfect opportunity to let the people hear it from the horse’s mouth. Not surprisingly, John Idzik didn’t provide too much detail in typical John Idzik fashion-Pokerfaced.

John Idzik has stuck to his guns all season with regards to the philosophy of competition at every position, every week. You see it throughout the entire organization and the fact that Matt Simms is the number 2 quarterback this year and not Greg McElroy is a testament to that. Despite the fact that an injury or two provided the opportunity Simms took the opportunity, ran with it, and earned his position on that depth chart. Rich Cimini of ESPN New York wrote about Idzik’s competition mantra and quoted Idzik as saying:

“In this league, whether it’s evaluating the quarterback position, evaluating anything you’re doing, if you have a feeling of contentment or complacency, you’re at risk”

This is exactly what you want to hear from your general manager. Not only does Idzik preach this philosophy, he practices it as well. You can take a look at our limited skill position players as the perfect example. The NFL is not like Major League Baseball where trades are the norm. If you don’t draft the next future star of your organization, you will most likely have to supplement what you have with role players off the scrap heap or injury prone roll of the dice. Idzik has continued to bring in talent throughout the year to the organization via these free agent signings etc. If you take a look at two huge contributors to this week’s win against New Orleans, Zach Sudfield and Greg Salas weren’t even on the team at the beginning of the year. This mindset has definitely rubbed off on Geno as well as he echoes the Idzikian philosophy after every press conference. Hopefully Geno can make John Idzik’s decision on the QB for 2014 a bit easier and grabs the bull by the horns in the second half of the year.

John Idzik also spoke a bit about Rex and his contract situation. Rex was not exempt from the competition mantra either as Idzik, when asked about the contract, didn’t show his hand. He did not voice any commitment to anything past this year. As Idzik put it, he wants to, “Let things transpire and play out,’’ As much as we love football for our own enjoyment, it is still a business; A very profitable business at that. In any business, if you do not perform, you will not be needed. Idzik, unlike many GM’s in the league, isn’t showing any allegiances to anyone. Let’s be honest though, how surprised would the entire league be if Rex wasn’t extended at the end of the year. He sees the proverbial “big picture” and for the first time in a very long time, we as Jets fans can feel comfortable in the front office and the decisions our GM John Idzik is making. In Idzik We Trust.