No Matter Who Plays QB, The New York Jets’ Offense will Exceed Expectations


Aug 3, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg (left) talks with head coach Rex Ryan during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The discussion continues about the quarterback situation, and rightfully so. Until an announcement is made, this will be an issue for the media. It’s not necessarily an issue for Jets fans, but the media is going to pound on this until they get an answer.

For us, however, there is another perspective. Look at how the offense performed over the last few weeks. The offense is clearly better. No matter who is at quarterback, this offense is going to be better than it was last year.

The proof is in the pudding, ladies and gentlemen. Yes it was the preseason, but look at how the offense performed. Not only did guys like Ryan Spadola make receptions, they were wide open, and that was quite often. The West Coast system is based on many pass routes, designed to run guys open due to the confusion. That happened all preseason long.

As a team, they completed 66% of their passes. Yes, and that includes the numbers of one Mark Sanchez. The system lends itself to a higher completion percentage, and that is exactly what happened. It led to 10 touchdowns, as opposed to the one from last season.

We aren’t going to focus on the running game as much, since the type of offense the Jets are running is a passing based system, which is a big difference from the past for this team, especially the recent past.

Look at some more statistics. For the preseason, the Jets were second in the NFL in passing yards. Second. This put them ahead of such teams like the New Orleans Saints, the Denver Broncos, the Detroit Lions, and the New England Patriots, among other teams. Yes, the New York Jets, the guys in the green. They actually had a high-powered passing attack. OK maybe a medium-powered attack, but it was still an improvement.

In the category of scoring, the difference has been night and day. Guess which team was ranked number six in scoring in the preseason? That’s right, the New York Jets. Really. The New. York. Jets. They of “ground and pound”, win it with defense and ball control fame. The Jets of Brian Schottenheimers and Tony Sparanos past, were sixth in the entire league.

These are preseason statistics, granted. But how you practice is how you are going to play in the games. No matter who was playing quarterback, this team moved the football on offense. They had their troubles with turnovers, but they moved the football. They moved the football to the tune of a top-10 NFL offense.

So that is why, the quarterback situation is not as big an issue as it seems. Oh, it’s a big one if you ask the members of the mainstream media. It will be the question that is repeated ad nauseum until it is answered. However, for the fans, no big deal.

This offense will exceed the “expert” expectations, regardless of the quarterback. Thanks Marty.