New York Jets Fans: Stay Loyal to Your Colors


Aug 24, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) is tended to as he lies injured on the field after taking a hit from New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich (not pictured) during the fourth quarter of a preseason game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I was in attendance at last night’s MetLife Bowl, as most of you know by now. While there, I witnessed one of the more embarrassing moments I have been through as a New York Jets fan. So, I am going to get it off my chest.

We all know by now the incident late in the game. Mark Sanchez was injured with an apparent shoulder injury. What you didn’t know if you were watching the game, was that Mark received an ovation from JETS FANS while he was lying on the ground. Moving on, when Mark was able to walk off under his own power, boos rained down from the crowd.

Despite the fact that the TV broadcast said that the reaction was coming from Giants’ fans, it wasn’t. It was coming from Jets’ fans. And that was embarrassing.

The fan base needs to remember who is wearing which colors.

If you want to cheer, cheer. If you want to boo, boo, I have no problem with that. I may not agree with it, but fans have the right to boo if they so desire. But no matter how much you don’t like a player on this team, you do not get excited about one of our own getting hurt.

That’s not what fans do.

We shouldn’t root for guys to get injured ever, but especially not from our own team. I don’t care if it’s the last guy on the roster, destined to be cut in two days. If the guy is wearing green and white, you root for the guy to be healthy. We are Jets fans, and each of these guys is part of our Jets’ family.

Think about your own jobs. We probably have people around us in our offices that don’t like the job that we do. What would think about them cheering if you were out sick? You wouldn’t like it. Mark is one of ours. Until he is not, he is a member of the New York Jets, and it is not acceptable to be happy about him getting hurt. The guy is allowed to make a living.

In closing, stay loyal to your colors. If they are wearing the green and white, you wish for their health. Don’t embarrass yourselves by wishing a player to be injured. I have never been so ashamed as I was last night. I had to leave immediately, I couldn’t even stay. Keep it classy, please.