Know Thy Enemy: New York Jets vs. New York Giants


Aug 18, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib (9) drops back to pass against the Indianapolis Colts during the fourth quarter of a preseason game at MetLife Stadium. The colts defeated the Giants 20-12. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

OK Gang Green fans and Jet Pressers, the MetLife Bowl is just a couple of days away. Therefore, it’s time once again for our weekly installment of “Know Thy Enemy”.

This week we talk to our buddy, Joe Tufaro, the editor of the Fansided site for that “other” team in NY, GMENHQ.  Take a look at our discussion of his Giants, and the upcoming game between our two teams:

THE JET PRESS: Going back to draft time, were you surprised about the choice of Ryan Nassib?  It’s not like Eli is done, right?  What was the thinking there?

GMENHQ: I was a bit surprised by the selection, even though the explanation of just being too good an athlete to pass up fits the Giants philosophy to a tee.  Then when it was announced that athleticism would only be used at QB, and not a Tebow clone, it was even more head scratching.  Jerry Reese is either being extremely wise to get someone in here who is capable of being the next Eli, or hedging his bet against Eli finally missing a game in his career due to injury. He could also be a nice trading chip for the future.

TJP: How is the pass rush shaping up with out Osi being around anymore?

GMH: Osi was a one trick pony by the time he decided to smell the grass in Atlanta and really is not going to be missed that much.  What the Giants are missing is the push up the middle that Justin Tuck provided when Strahan and Osi forced double teams on the outside.  Hopefully a platoon of Cullen Jenkins, Marvin Austin, Mike Patterson, etc. will bring that pressure from the middle into the QB’s face and allow the outside guys to have a few seconds more to get home.

TJP: What about this running back battle between David Wilson and Andre Brown?  How is that shaping up?

GMH: NO battle at all actually.  I think some have a short memory of the recent Giants teams.  Since the departure of Tiki Barber, the Giants have had two or three running backs contribute on a weekly basis.  They will both start games, they will both play situationally, and the Giants organization is uninterested in the question of “Who will be the starter”.  They will both play and contribute.

TJP: What are some other battles going on at Giants’ camp that are worth noting?

GMH:  Biggest battles were along the offensive line, and at linebacker.  I believe that the position of linebacker has changed so much in the NFL, that trying to identify three guys as the linebacker corps is useless.  They will use a lot of bodies in the front 7 and try to keep them fresh.  The O-Line is another story.  With David Diehl being sent for hand surgery today and missing 6 weeks, and Center David Baas nursing an injury, the unit is suddenly not as deep as once imagined.  The rookie first round draft pick Justin Pugh will have to step in and play right tackle and Jim Cordle seems to be the guy at center for now.

TJP: Finally, who are some new players that will be exciting to watch?

GMH: Actually the only new player will be Pugh, and with the Jets defense you know the O-Line will see plenty of combinations of blitzes and stunting.  Most Giants fans have been waiting two years to see Terrell Thomas back on the field, and it will happen this weekend.  Unfortunately with the Jets receiving corps, chances are he won’t be tested as well as the O-line will.

So, not too bad for a guy that writes about that other team in New York, no?  I’m just kidding, Joe Tufaro does a great job as does his entire team.  For anything you want to know about the New York Football Giants, check his website out at GMENHQ.