5 Things to Watch For: New York Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


5 things to watch for in tonight’s game vs Jacksonville:

1. The obvious question… Will Geno Smith play?

The question will likely be answered early today, prior to warm ups. I don’t see Geno playing in this one. It’s too risky. In my opinion, he shouldn’t have practiced at all during the week. With that said, it would be great so see him out there in action, for the sake of the competition.

2. No Fly Zone- Game 2?

The starting secondary unit vs Detroit last week played lights out. I remember tweeting during the game (@jetserious) that it was an impressive outing by the 3 starters; Antonio Cromartie, Dee Milliner, and Kyle Wilson. In three consecutive plays, (1st Down) Milliner swatted a potential touchdown , (2nd Down) Cromartie had his man covered, and (3rd Down) Wilson prevented a first down grab for Detroit. On that particular drive, the starting corners really impressed. Let’s see if they can continue with the “no fly zone”, in week 2 vs. Jacksonville.

3. Rookie Watch

The pair of first round picks for the Jets, Sheldon Richardson and Dee Milliner, have done well thus far. They need to play at the level they are, on a consistent basis. It’s very difficult to do in the NFL, but that’s what separates the good from the great. And I see greatness written all over Dee and Sheldon. Now it’s all about proving their greatness. It starts tonight, in Detroit. Let’s watch Richardson and Milliner closely tonight, and see how well their abilities transfer from game 1 to game 2.

4. Ivory’s Debut

Chris Ivory will likely make his debut as a New York Jet. It will be exciting (x25 Tebow) to see Ivory get the bulk of carries if he starts. He needs to prove that he is durable, and can handle playing a full 16-game season. It’s a challenge for bruiser-type back to maintain their health for a full year, but Ivory says he’s a do-it-all back. That means rushing outside the tackles, around the edge. We’ve seen Ivory do it before, but if he can beat defenders to the perimeter, it will allow him to become an everydown back. It’ll also allow him to avoid unnecessary hits that seemed to be in Shonn Greene’s DNA as a Jet. I’m looking forward to watching Ivory play, and hopefully display what he can bring to the table for this Jets offense.

5. Who will lead the Jets in catches vs. Jacksonville? My bet is on Ryan Spadola. This kid has really impressed me. The fact that he’ll be playing for a roster spot, will allow him to get maximum playing time. I believe we will see a lot of him tonight. He seems to be all over the field. But besides Spadola, could it be Clyde Gates (@SeanLDurham’s favorite)? He is a talented weapon inside or outside, and has great size. Mark Sanchez seems to have good chemistry with Gates, and his 4.4 speed should allow him to break one long. It’s more of a question of when, and not if. Spadola is more of a possesion receiver, as opposed to Gates – a deep threat,so that gives Spadola a better chance to lead the team in catches tonight. These are just two WR’s to look for, throughout tonight’s game. Oh, and you can never count out Kerley. Jeremy Kerley is one player you should not doubt. He can very well end up leading the Jets in catches, playing the first half alone!

Enjoy the game tonight!

Thanks for reading!